Trump Putin Secret Meeting Results in Syria Withdrawal

Trump Putin Secret Meeting Results in Syria Withdrawal

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Eurasia Group reported Trump had a secret meeting with Putin at the G20. The meeting took place without any US translator or note taker present. According to Eurasia, it was Trump and Putin discussing foreign policy secretly and with no witnesses present. Three weeks later, the Trump Putin secret meeting results in the hastily ordered Syria withdrawal. Can you spell “scripted”?

It defies logic that with all the bad optics, the scrutiny, the finger pointing, the investigations, the allegations, and the suspicion this President is enduring from a skeptical media, and even more skeptical intelligence community believing our President has been compromised that Donald Trump keeps walking into traps that lends credibility to all the accusations. It is just incredulous. Unless, of course, you are a Russian agent attempting to play your role under very difficult circumstances.


And as a good agent, the Russians taught you some techniques to cast doubt about your secret activities. “Fake News” is just one of those techniques Donald Trump keeps using. Trump should know that he will be caught sooner than later. Up to now, all signals lead us to believe Donald Trump is Putin’s agent in Washington.

Nothing but Trump’s actions are leading all to this conclusion. Politicus USA Jason Easley put it best when he wrote:

It is a very simple question. Why does Donald Trump insist on hiding his meetings with Putin from his own government? If Trump were innocent, one would expect that the president would demand full transparency. He would want the country to know that there was nothing unusual in his conversations with Putin. Instead, Trump continues to sneak around and act guilty.

Sneak around and act guilty. Then call the media “Fake News”.

This is the age of Trumpiasm. It is where Leninism and Trotskysm intersect with fully democratic institutions to bewilder, befuddle, confuse, and rattle those institutions.


Think about it. Three weeks after this secret meeting, Donald Trump decides to withdraw from Syria without consulting with his advisors, seek DoD input, request advice from the Intel community, or even provides any hint to the timing of that withdrawal. How do you expect people to view this? As an independent President not gifting Syria to Vladimir Putin?

The more time goes by, the more mistakes Donald Trump will make to catch him in the act. Meanwhile, ignore his “Fake News” labeling. This is how he gets away with working with our enemies.

Trump Putin Secret Meeting Results in Syria Withdrawal


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