Trump Must Sustain 59 Bombing Days, Not 59 Missiles, Otherwise Assad Wins to Gas Again

Trump Must Sustain 59 Bombing Days, Not 59 Missiles, Otherwise Assad Wins to Gas Again

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The shocking images and videos that streamed from Syria through the SAMS (@sams_usa) and the White Helmets (@SyriaCivilDef) Twitter channels have shocked the world. On the anniversary of the President’s bombing al-Shayrat airport in Syria last year for Assad use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians, Assad repeated the atrocity in Douma as if to poke Trump in the eye. This time around Trump must sustain 59 bombing days, not 59 missiles, otherwise Assad wins big. He will gas his own people again.

April 9 is John Bolton’s first day on the job as the President’s new National Security Adviser. The timing could not be any worse for the Assad regime. More than likely, Bolton will recommend a tough, and hopefully, sustainable bombing campaign. If Assad is scratched, he will gas again. Assuming that he is slightly injured, he will gas again. However, in case he is punished severely enough to teeter his regime on the brink of collapse, it will be the last time he will use chemical weapons. If our aim is to stop Assad on a permanent basis from using these weapons, then Trump must sustain 59 bombing days, not 59 missiles. Otherwise Assad wins big to gas his own people on another day.

The Syrian government, under Hafez al-Assad, was a calculating, wily regime with reach and results. All the advisers Baschar al-Assad has inherited have all either died or retired due to age. Assad is left with his psychotic brother Maher to render his mentally deranged services. This explains the sarin gas attack at a time when Assad was winning back lands he lost over the last seven years. For those who question his motives, add ‘stupidity’ as a factor to your formula of logic. Especially when the attack happened on the anniversary of the U.S. bombing al-Shayrat Syrian air force base. Poking Trump shows the pettiness and smallness of Assad as a person.

During today’s NSC meeting, there will be a strong element to resist overreaching with considerable firepower. It will be a grave mistake after the BIG PRICE Trump telegraphed to Assad. The last this administration wants is to resemble the wimpiness of its previous one. Will the President be mindful of his legacy if he listens to those serving caution on a cold plate of let’s-not-get-dragged-in-Syria?

This could be Trump’s last hoorah in Syria. His Alamo per se. Make it count Mr. President, or it will be chronicled and filed as an Alamo for the U.S. in the Middle East. Don’t let Assad and Putin Kerry you Mr. President.

Today’s NSC decision on is our Middle East . Either we re-establish American might in one sustainable campaign, or we run. Thus losing the region to the likes of , and the .

Trump Must Sustain 59 Bombing Days, Not 59 Missiles, Otherwise Assad Wins to Gas Again


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