President Trump Taunts Russia, Disparages Gas Killing Animal Assad

President Trump Taunts Russia, Disparages Gas Killing Animal Assad

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In one of his rare Tweets, President Trump taunts Russia in ways his 50.3 million followers have never witnessed before. He further ridiculed and derided Assad by calling him Gas Killing Animal Assad.

TFS sees the fingers of John Bolton behind this Tweet. The impact the new NSA has had on the Office of the President has been impressive from day one. The President, in a previous Tweet, expressed his thoughts about John Bolton openly:

Feels great to have Bolton & Larry K on board.

Larry K being Larry Kudlow, his Director of the National Economic Council.

This is all new territory for those who are followers of the Syrian Revolution and the political va-et-vient in Washington. It is a breath of fresh air to see the President focused on burying the past defunct policies of Barack Obama.

Considering the preparations taking place, with France and Britain joining the upcoming bombing campaign, it is highly probable this time around the bombing will be far more severe. The chances are high Trump might be targeting Assad air force. If true, this will go a long way to alleviate the suffering of the people of Syria after seven years of terror.

Many of us hope the President will also bomb some of Assad’s power centers. Like his palace overlooking Damascus. The Ministry of Defense responsible for all the chemical attacks. The various intelligence services with a chokehold grip on the population using Nazi-like methods to strike fear in their hearts.

Michael Rubin wrote an interesting article titled “It’s Time to Assassinate Assad“. His logic, when you read the article, demonstrates a sensible and cautionary approach to carrying out the task. He writes in one paragraph:

… As Assad leads Syria to ruin, there is no reason why his shiny and ostentatious palace should remain standing on a mountaintop above Damascus. And while Russia warns the United States not to retaliate in Syria, permanently removing Assad from the battle field would leave Moscow no choice but to begin serious negotiations on who comes next. Simultaneously, the Kremlin would think twice about allowing its other clients in the future to stray so far from the rules of war.

Maybe the “Gas Killing Animal Assad” is a sign of such tactic the world would welcome with open arms. Let the civilized nations show those who practice the art of poisoning through nerve gas agents that they will meet their destiny in its smoke.

President Trump Taunts Russia, Disparages Gas Killing Animal Assad


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