Too Little, Too Late, Too Insulting

Who is Protecting Assad Inside the Arab League?
Plan A, Plan B, or No Plan at All
Finally, The Arab League is Moving in the Right Direction

It took eight months for the Arab countries to suspend Syria’s membership in the Arab League. How long do you think it will take for an Arab army to help protect Arab citizens the way the Israeli army protects its Israelis citizens?

Not for a very, very long time.

Thousands of Syrians have been killed and yet not one time did we hear the Arab League use its muscles, lobbying power with the west, or its endless pit of petro-dollars to save my people by threatening to go to war against Assad. Not one time and not for anyone.

Thousands of Syrians have been killed, some in ways more brutal than any human can imagine. Yet, when Arabs muster any courage to defend my people, foremost on their mind is self-preservation.

Ever wonder how Ahmadinejad of Iran became a bully and now Erdogan of Turkey is following in his footsteps? We, Arabs, are brave when someone else is doing the fighting for us.

Unaccountable Arab rulers are good at asking others to help them; but G*d forbids if they will move a finger to help their people or the people of other nations; except the Palestinians to spite Israel. It’s all about their power, their oil, and sustaining their rule perpetually.  

What the Arab League did by suspending the membership of Assad is neither heroic nor praise worthy. They did it to ease international pressure and because they did not want to appear dragging their feet when western countries were more eager to assist with their sanctions and rhetoric.

It took Saudi Arabia five months watching Assad massacre my people before its King uttered his support in a 5-line press release. How can any Syrian respect the Saudi leadership?

What happened few days ago is too little, too late, and certainly too insulting to my people. Their media juggernaut churns propaganda aimed at shining a heavenly light upon their exceptional qualities and diligence when neither their work or their personae is worthy of our respect. Who will question their vanity if not for expatriate Arabs who see through their artificiality and selfishness?

Israel fights Hamas and Hezbollah almost on a daily basis to defend its citizens. If they are free, to protect them and if they are held hostage, to free them. Even their dead are respected. To this day, Israel insists on returning the remains of Eli Cohen who was caught in Syria spying and was executed in 1965.

When was the last time Prince so-and-so, or Sheikh this-or-that appeared on Arab TV to ask for the release or safe passage of one of his citizens from any country? They would sweep him under their Persian carpets faster than you can say his name.

How long do you think it will take for an Arab ruler before he believes one soul of his countrymen is worth a 1,000 of his enemies?

To measure a country’s greatness, measure what it will do in the service of its citizens. Under the Litmus test evaluated against other nations, the Arab League is a gargantuan failure.   


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