Today’s Headlines that Question Obama’s Judgment

Today’s Headlines that Question Obama’s Judgment

Isolationism vs Neo-conservatism
Is Obama getting permission from Iran to strike ISIL?
Is Iran flexing the White House muscles?

These are some of today’s Headlines that question Obama’s judgment gathered from around the Middle East and reported either locally or internationally. Judge for yourself whether Obama’s ignorance is feeding the region with violence and terror.

Daily Mail (Syria)

Imam assassinated on London street by Syrian hit squad – Good riddance. London is turning into a proxy Syria battlefield. Obama’s lack of judgment on Syria helped foster ISIS and every act of terror from either side in any European country is the result of his policies.

Al-Arabya (Yemen)

Iran deploys ‘anti-piracy warships’ off Yemen’s coast – Iranian ships heading towards Bab al-Mandab strait, which controls the shipping flow through the Suez canal. Also deployed in vicinity are Egyptian and Pakistani warships as part of the “Decisive Storm” coalition in Yemen. Obama ignores Iranian aggression once again.

Haaretz (Israel)

Two Israeli soldiers wounded in West Bank stabbing – Should we not hold our President to his word that his appeasement policies and surrender would stop terror and redeem our image and that of our allies in the region?

The Daily Star (Lebanon)

‘Terrorist commander’ arrested in east Lebanon: Army – Terror from Syria spilling into Lebanon because of Hezbollah fighting by Assad’s side. More yet to come, unfortunately.

The Financial Times (Jordan)

Closure of Syria’s last border crossing hits Jordan economy – Syria spilling into Jordan and harming one of our closest allies. Had Obama acted to help the moderate Syrian opposition in 2011, harm to our allies would be non-existent.

Politico (Iraq)

How Obama Abandoned Democracy in Iraq – Politico explains: When trying to explain the current unrest in the Middle East, from Iraq to Syria to Yemen, American officials often resort to platitudes about Sunni and Shia Muslims fighting each other for “centuries” due to “ancient hatreds.” Not only is this claim historically inaccurate, but it also ignores the unintended consequences that the Iraq War more recently leashed on the region. That war—and the manner in which the United States left it behind in 2011—shifted the balance of power in the region in Iran’s favor. 

CNN (Afghanistan)

U.S. service member killed in Afghanistan, official says – The direct result of Obama pulling out of Iraq and sending signals to our enemies the U.S. is no longer willing to fight.

Today’s Headlines that Question Obama’s Judgment


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