To Save Syria Erdogan Must Make Peace with Israel

To Save Syria Erdogan Must Make Peace with Israel

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The Syrian war is coming to a crossroad. While Putin wants to peel Turkey from NATO, it is obvious he is as determined to recapture the Idlib province for Assad. To save Syria Erdogan must make peace with Israel, which would reverse Erdogan’s miscalculations that purchasing an S-400 from Putin might just save a piece of Syria for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Putin is calling Erdogan’s bluff as the Turkish leader straddles the fence hoping to score in Syria as well as gain more influence with the Trump Administration. From the latest Putin’s offensive against Idlib, it seems Erdogan might lose all bets. No influence in Syria, and no influence in Washington. And certainly no influence with Putin either.

For Erdogan to admit defeat, the Muslim Brotherhood religious order must abandon its core value of spreading the Islamic Sharia’a. As long as the western-hired Arab rulers take their marching orders from Washington, the MB’s dream of Islamization of Arabs is dead as a rock. Lately, the west even killed off the grand daddy of al-Qaeda when it installed a ruler in Saudi Arabia that diminished Wahabism to an almost non-existent status. Why would Erdogan believe he can advance the MB doctrine when his opposition represents the most powerful nations is beyond us.


Stay the course and lose big, or change tactics and move towards reconciliation instead of confrontation. The Islamic Sharia’a is ancient. Its diktat is inhumane to women and its message promotes bigotry, discrimination, and hate. There are no infidels in this world. Only infidelity to one’s responsibilities to move people into the 21s century.

One should learn from history. To survive, the Catholic Church abandoned all pretense of ruling the world, and Islam must abandon all hope it can rule it. Sharia’a should not be a law leaders can impose on Muslims and infidels universally.

For Erdogan to save Syria and Turkey, he must make peace with Israel. In fact, if the MB retools itself as a passive, non-imposing entity with no goals beyond spirituality and peaceful co-existence, it will save itself from the same fate as Wahabism. Erdogan is the last man standing. Look what happened to Morsi of Egypt, or the Hamas leaders in Gaza bent on self-annihilation. The Arab Spring could have been if it was not for extreme religiosity. Instead, Arabs moved backward another century. The arrival of one more violent Arab ruler, like Mohammad bin Salman, defeats progress in favor of more extremism by the oppressed.


With Iran’s economy faltering, it is a question of time before the people rise to re-write a better history. And it is up to Erdogan to abandon all hopes the Muslim Brotherhood can one day rule the masses. To save Syria, Erdogan must make peace with Israel. With the West help, Putin would have no choice but to back down if the US decides Idlib is a no-fly zone. Furthermore, the extremist elements in Idlib would wither and die without any support. To include the now protected Syrian civilians.

Israel can assist with a no-fly zone in Idlib if Erdogan has a shred of common sense.

To save the civilians in Syria suffering from Russian aerial attacks, Erdogan must visit Israel to make peace. The way things look today, Turkey is about to lose NATO’s friendly disposition, Idlib in Syria, and any hope for a friendlier US administration in the future.

Time to wear the thinking cap Mr. President. Lose Russia, make a sincere alliance with Israel, and stop spreading Sharia’a to make Turkey great again.

To Save Syria Erdogan Must Make Peace with Israel


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