To Kill a Syrian Civilian is to Recruit a Terrorist

To Kill a Syrian Civilian is to Recruit a Terrorist

Russia Blamed For 1400 Syrian Civilian Deaths
Russian Fighter-to-Civilian Kill Ratio is 50%
Criminal Putin Bombing Civilian Hospitals

Killing Syrian civilians has a steep price.

For one, to kill a Syrian civilian is to recruit a terrorist to fight in Syria. For two, to kill a Syrian civilian means to encourage the exodus of Syrian refugees towards Europe.

Both reasons have played a major role in the West adjusting its policies as a counter-measure to its apathy towards regime change in Syria by either locking-up Western-based Muslims who volunteer for jihad or by absorbing the Syrian refugees reluctantly.

What the West has yet to do is to stop Assad, and now Putin, from killing civilians both are using as a tactic to punish the West for supporting the Syrian rebels. As long as Assad remains in power, those two problems will remain a threat to the national securities of many Western nations.

The West waited too long to act. Now that window of opportunity has been sealed shut with Putin fully committing Russian troops and equipment to protect the Assad regime from falling.

The history of America and Europe the last five years has been about regret and more regrets. Regrets that Obama did not support the Syrian moderates to overthrow Assad. Regrets that Europe did not challenge Obama directly and openly on his Syrian policy. Regrets that the Iran Deal costs are piling up and its cost/benefits analysis may have just tipped the balance in favor of costs. Regrets that the West waited for Assad to come to the negotiations table instead of forcing him rapidly before Iranian and Russian interference.

On that last regret, we should all thank John Kerry for his utter ignorance. He is the last to realize that to kill a Syrian civilian means to recruit a terrorist.

Who is to blame for this apathy towards the Assad danger causing terror to rise but Barack Obama. He has been watching Russian jets destroy the Syrian moderates of the Free Syrian Army with total disconnect from the reality of the danger he has caused to our homeland. If America had a true leader in the White House, we would not have had some 300,000 Syrians dead, 12 million Syrians between refugees and displaced, in addition to the creation of ISIS Obama watched with slow motion become a threat to America’s national security.

By far, Barack Obama has been, and remains, the cause of all the terror we all are witnessing today. Historians are going to look back upon this era and their pens are not going to be kind to a man who conned America into believing he could lead this nation when his real job was to knock on doors to motivate people to vote.

To kill a Syrian civilian is to recruit a terrorist. Yet, every Western country seems unable or unwilling to remove Assad from power who is intentionally and deliberately killing civilians in Syria.

What does that say about the state of affairs of the Western civilization? No wonder terror is growing. It smells Western fear.

To Kill a Syrian Civilian is to Recruit a Terrorist


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