Voters in America have this bad habit of voting for the most pleasant, the most appealing of the candidates based often on their affability and eloquence. In the case of Donald Trump, voters voted for his ideas (Make America great again), which stands the test of any kind of personality picking. Be smart, think policies and not personalities.

An explosive new book written by Michael Wolff is about to be published if the president’s lawyers are unable to stop it from seeing the light of day. The tell-all book takes us inside the White House with the full blessing of Steve Bannon who some, who know how Washington works, think may have been his parting gift against his old boss. The president’s blistering statement against Bannon MAY have been the result of discovering that Steve Bannon helped the book along knowing how incompetent the people Trump hired and how close they were to Russia.

There is no doubt that Donald Trump is a man of very few or no virtues at all. He is an airhead who does not realize there is right and then there is wrong in this world. Having lived a life of absolute privilege, wealth, and access shaped him to become a moronic figure whose intellect and disposition for empathy are non-existent.

How many people you know, with a huge popularity, go in front of the cameras and make fun of handicapped people? Calling Donald Trump an airhead is complementary if one thinks there are few worse adjectives that fit him, even better, like a glove.

But if you are an independent or a Republican who voted for Donald Trump for his policies, then you know that his, on the foreign policy stage, are far superior to Barack Obama’s who for all intended purpose may have been the most cowardly president this nation has ever seen. Why would Barack Obama not punish Russia to the fullest degree when he discovered Putin was meddling in our own affairs? How can you stand by such a president whose policies have driven us to this point in our history?

The Washington Post called his inaction against Putin  “The secret struggle“. A president, with all these powers afforded to him under the Constitution, who struggles to combat our enemies is a coward. Trump may be an airhead, but Obama is a coward. Be smart, think policies and not personalities.

On domestic policies, Trump is going to follow the Republican model (Less taxes, less government, and less welfare). No surprise there. But what Trump added that appealed to many Americans is his revolt against spending our tax dollars on aiding foreign governments whose friendship is not a slam dunk as Israel’s friendship is to America.

Take Pakistan for example, America has been generous to the tune of $78.3 billion since 1948. For a country who hid Osama bin Laden, it was the job of Barack Obama to suspend the Pakistani aid. However, cowards cannot come to grip with confrontation.  Many may argue that without aid, Pakistan may sink even further into a more desolate economic environment, which may be fertile grounds for fanaticism. We believe, because aid is suspended, Pakistan may finally realize it’s money or extremism. We think they will select money.

Be smart, think policies and not personalities. Compared to Barack Obama, whose policies were defunct and whose personality is superb, we would select Donald Trump whose policies are helping the country and whose personality is defunct.

Policies affect our lives, personalities are an entertainment sideshow even if they offend us and offend our beliefs.

Be Smart, Think Policies and not Personalities

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