Think of This Syrian Beauty When You Think Syrian Refugees

Think of This Syrian Beauty When You Think Syrian Refugees

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Like Israeli women, Syria is home to the most beautiful Arab women. Under normal conditions, they become actresses, scientists, doctors, and homemakers. Syrian beauty Rana al-Abiad is one of them.

When you think of Syrian refugees neglected and abused, think of the next diamond in the rough Syrian beauty one might find among these families languishing under horrific conditions. Think of the next doctor or scientist. Think of the next human rights advocate who will give herself to make her society better.

The picture above is of Rana al-Abiad, a Syrian beauty who could have been a refugee little girl everyone neglected.

Don’t think of Syrian refugees as impoverished and helpless. Don’t think of them as ignorant and uneducated. In the right environment, there is a Syrian beauty named Rana al-Abiad waiting to emerge if the right country give them the chance to be uncovered.

Think of Syrian refugees as human beings willing to work hard and able to participate fully as productive members of any society.

Think of them not as Muslims, but as human beings who, in the right environment, will become responsible citizens with much to offer the benefactor society that gave them refuge and every chance to excel and live a life of sacrifice and excellence.

Think the Syrian beauty Rana al-Abiad every time you think of the Syrian refugees. Out of 4 million Syrian refugees, there are thousands of Rana al-Abiad waiting to have a better life with your support and understanding.

Think of This Syrian Beauty When You Think Syrian Refugees


  • Liam Mason 8 years ago

    This is Evangelina Lilly – she is an American actress of “Lost” fame…

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