Watch The Three Musketeers of Terror Lose Their Marbles

Time to Counter Assad
The Art of No Compromise
Why worry when Assad and Abdullah agree?

August 25-26 will be two important dates in the annals of the Syrian Rebellion because on both dates Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah voiced their panic publicly.

First, Ahmadinejad called on Assad to embrace the Syrian opposition. Unheard of just some months ago or even few weeks ago prior to Obama calling on Assad to step down. Both Assad and the Mullahs of Iran made a bet the US will not dare, given the US is carrying a heavy luggage now, to venture outside its comfort zone of working around tensions and terror using diplomacy. Libya was an exception they concluded.

Then today, Ahmadinejad appealed to the Arab masses by claiming that the Holocaust is a big lie to Justify Israel’s existence. This verbal attack is intended to rally the Arab street to his side in the hope he can save Assad as he watches his Marionette Assad melt down slowly in the Damascus August sun.

In a coordinated effort, Hassan Nasrallah appeared on TV today to urge Arabs to end unrest in Syria. More like a begging than an urging. The fiery Nasrallah turned out to be a mouse really. His own fighters have spilled the blood of Syrians and suddenly the realization of a free Syria turned confidence into panic, surreal terror into urging.

The Three Musketeers of Terror are in panic mode. While still brandishing their swords of death in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran against their own people, they realized how near their end could be with Assad’s fall. Remove Syria from the Mullahs sphere of influence and watch them lose their marbles. The last two days was the beginning of that process.

Watch The Three Musketeers of Terror Lose Their Marbles




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