The Russians are Humiliating America Comfortably Because Americans Elected President Bambi

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How many times policy makers face the most difficult dilemmas whose answer is so simple that it escapes their rational behavior? If you add the Syrian terror against its civilians, the answer to the question is X+1.

If you really need an incentive to how beneficial freedom and democracy in Syria would be, just follow the Kremlin’s line of thought (or threats for a more crude approach). I am certain someone in this administration does that.

Here is one Kremlinian threat proposed by the Foreign Minister of Russia Mr. Sergey Lavrov during a trip to Baku Azerbaijan. Mr. Lavrov warned against arming the Free Syrian Army to fight the Assad regime by making this outlandish, yet fearful, claim: “Even if they arm the Syrian opposition to the teeth, it won’t be able to defeat the Syrian army.” He also warned that a foreign military intervention would lead to even more disastrous consequences for Syria (He really meant Russia here).

It seems Russia can arm the Assad regime of terror to its teeth and send its own Special Forces to defend him personally but that is not considered foreign because the Russians think they are our neat cousins to the North. Mr. Lavrov was in Baku to kill two birds in one stone and judging from the Obama timidity when it comes to terror in the region, the Russians are simply humiliating America comfortably.

If there is one thing Russia fears more than anything else in Syria, it is well-armed battalions of Freedom Fighters with one goal in mind. The same fear would grip Iran and the Assad regime of course, both of whom caused the death of over 4,000 US Marines and soldiers in Iraq. The most difficult dilemma in Syria has a simple solution: Arm the Free Syrian Army indirectly to defeat terror and to give peace a chance. Is it that simple that it is freezing the decision-making at the highest levels? Does America look like a deer caught in the headlights of a Russian car? Yes, it does. Perception is everything.

The trip to Baku by FM Lavrov, my guess and for those who missed the Obama leak, is to threaten the Azerbaijanis against permitting landing rights to the Israeli Air Force to take matters into its own hand against the Iranian nuclear program. That leak has helped Russia indirectly. Since the Iranians have no leverage in Azerbaijan, Russia, it seems, is playing as an Iranian proxy.

For once in America’s history, the American President and the Russian President seem to work together against America’s interests in the region, which center around defeating terror in the form of an Iranian nuclear program and the Assad regime. This is how it looks like to the outside world when America insists on negotiating and Russia insists on defending with weapons and violence.

Is there something that could be done to save Assad from the jaws of defeat and the region from a threatening nuclear weapon? Just highlight the humiliation America is experiencing with this President in office.

I wish Hillary Clinton won the elections in 2008 if it had to be a Democratic candidate because judging from how President Bill Clinton saved old Yugoslavia from terror against Russian objections, she may have done the same in Syria.

Our President is a Bambi parading for looks and love.


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