There are lots of buzz words you hear on Syria in Washington these days: Light Footprint Containment, Sudden Collapse, After Assad Framework, Non-Lethal Aid, Red Line, Soft Landing, and of late Endgame. All of them intended to be used within the framework of a policy that first and foremost is anti-Bush and anti-Iraq.

As a result of that policy, al-Qaeda has planted itself in Syria (Remember that Osama Bin LadenӪs mother is Syrian, no better revenge against the US than to re-emerge in the native country of their dead leader) and we have so many factions of extremism fighting today (Wahabbis, Salafis, Islamists of MB) that I simply donӪt see any light at the end of the tunnel for Syria. The Obama administration is so obsessed in not following the trails of Bush that, by design of its naivet̩, it has allowed for far deeper problems to be organically seeded.

I don’t hear the Obama administration say these words: No US Influence in Syria, No Aid Means Organic Extremism, or the Muslim Brotherhood Influence Must Be Curtailed (Especially after watching how fast the MB in Egypt turned the spigot on authoritarianism).

Simply put, the roadmap policy on Syria of this administration is not to use another President’s roadmap on Iraq regardless. That their policy is causing far deeper future problems for Syria, the region, and US allies seems to be inconsequential to Obama. It’s like organizing a community of activists to collect signatures from neighborhoods using routes the opposing side will not use even if these routes cause more traffic and harder work with less than better results.

And of course, give the diplomats, who love to architect new words and hope someone labels them as doctrines, the task of super-imposing their words and sugar coating the obvious disasters to make it sound like American foreign policy has finally reached its poetic apogee.

As you listen to pro-Obama pundits on TV try and explain the unexplainable (Especially on Egypt), you realize just how the use of words has become a policy to cover the mistakes for the lack of policy or an erroneous one. No better example to give than the words uttered by our own Director of intelligence James Clapper to describe how secular the Muslim Brotherhood is to show how spin inside the White House has even influenced negatively the most knowledgeable person on intelligence. Any wonder why everyone feels “There is no need to press any urgent buttons on Syria” even though those who are closest to understanding the Syrian landscape best will tell you that a disaster of great proportions is looming because Obama let it fester for too long while looking for words to explain the unexplainable.

Instead of a decisive commander-in-chief, our President is more like a decisive spin machine.

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