Oil Wars Shifted Gears

Oil Wars Shifted Gears

Saudi Arabia War on Russia for European Oil Market
Oil Lots Taketh and Weapon Lots Taketh Back
Low Oil Prices Provide Saudi Arabia With Immense Powers

In anticipation of Iran selling its own crude oil to Europe, Saudi Arabia gave Europe a late Christmas gift, in early January, when it lowered its crude oil prices aimed at undermining Iran. Once again, the oil wars shifted gears, which certainly intensified the military wars being waged in Syria and Yemen.

At the time, the Wall Street Journal described the discount by saying:

The Saudi move appears to pave the way for a competition over European oil markets later this year when Iran is expected to increase its exports after the expected end of western sanctions over its nuclear program.

On another front, Russia is trying to manage the low oil prices tragic results for its own economy by sowing fear into heavily indebted European countries. Russia’s deputy minister of finance, Maxim Oreshkin, told a breakfast forum hosted by Russian newspaper Vedomosti:

“… the country is drawing up plans based on a price band fluctuating between $40 to $60 as far out as 2022, a scenario that would have devastating implications for Opec. It would also spell disaster for the North Sea producers, Brazil’s off-shore projects, and heavily indebted Western producers. “We will live in a different reality.”

And on another front, Forbes Magazine calculated the costs so far to U.S. employment figures through its article entitled “As Oil Layoffs Hit 200,000, A Headhunter Looks At The Bright Side“. Those employment figures would come home to hatch a rotten egg for The Democratic Party, something Obama is not about to let happen.

So, we believe he shared intelligence with Putin on the Syrian rebel positions in order to bring the Syrian civil war, the spark that started the oil wars, to a halt.

Russian fear mongering and the unemployment figures are leading factors of why Russia suddenly began winning big in Syria assisted by Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president hinges on halting the Syrian civil war. Once again, a Clinton stands above millions of people who are about to experience tyranny again of the ugliest kind. Hillary may lose, but what Barack Obama is doing is making sure Assad never loses ever again.

Whomever said the Democratic Party stands for the weak and the disfranchised is a liar.

Because of the unemployment low oil prices are causing and the Russian grandstanding, among other things, oil prices rose to $35 a barrel yesterday on speculation that its price elasticity may be bumping against considerable resistance from different sides all at once even though, as the Wall Street Journal published, the latest data from the US Energy Information Administration revealed another 7.8 million barrels had been added to domestic reserves last week.

Oil price manipulation is coming under pressure from different sides to stabilize prices at higher levels than what the market bears even though supplies exceed market demand. The oil wars shifted gears once again while we were all asleep.

Keep your eyes on the January 2016 labor statistics employment data being released this morning at 8:34 am. We believe they have a direct impact on who wins in Syria.

Oil Wars Shifted Gears


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