The Obama Deal Proxies Iran to Destroy Our Allies

The Obama Deal Proxies Iran to Destroy Our Allies

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As far as we can tell, no analyst, journalist or TV host has dared to step in front of this important question. If Barack Obama is so smart, so willing to protect Americans from Iran, and so friendly to Israel, why does his Iran deal flaunt just the opposite?

If he is so smart, why is he willing to enter into an Obama deal that would yield so much to Iranian demands and risk the fallout to his reputation and skills?

If he is so protective of Americans, why would he enter into an Obama deal while refusing to force Iran to deliver four of our citizens languishing in their horrific jails, why has he provided Iran with the green light to build ICBM’s that may threaten us one day, and why has he not mitigated the risks of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East by taking into account the displeasure of Arab Sunni countries? How does the future risk of terrorist half-crazies running around with one hand on the Koran and the other on a red button be safe for America?

If he is so protective of Israel, why would he enter into an Obama deal, which will embolden, empower, and enrich the only country serious and capable of annihilating Israel? Why has he protected Bashar al-Assad’s, a staunch enemy of Israel, and why has he ignored Iranian threats against Israel? After all, he bombed Qaddafi.

If the goals of his Obama deal are what he claims to be, which are to avert war with the US, why is he betting our security on violent men hoping he can inculcate them with his wisdom when history has showed us these men are non-redeemable savages?

Why the hint “Death to America” has not punctured the stubborn walls of this White House?

Most analysts and TV hosts today prefer to dance around answering these many important questions publicly and openly because they are reluctant to confront the obvious for fear of being ridiculed by the mainstream media.

All it takes is one strong and well-read non-Republican journalist to stand up and say “I believe this Iran Obama deal has but one goal: To use Iran as a proxy to harm Saudi Arabia and Israel and to create chaos to help Russia”. That said, the floodgates will open for other well-read reporters to weigh-in and let the left media scramble with its accusatory fingers. Who cares?

Maybe Donald Trump should render this opinion about the Obama deal to help others acquire some courage.

Obama is fascinated by the proxy wars Iran is waging. So fascinated, in fact, that he advised the GCC rulers meeting at Camp David to follow suit and to create their own proxies of terror. Here is what John Hannah wrote in a Foreign Policy article:

And that’s when he [Obama] let loose with this little gem: The Arabs, according to the president of the United States, need to learn from Iran’s example. In fact, they need to take a page out of the playbook of the Qods Force — by which he meant developing their own local proxies capable of going toe-to-toe with Iran’s agents and defeating them. The president seemed to marvel at the fact that from Hezbollah to the Houthis to the Iraqi militias, Iran has such a deep bench of effective proxies willing to advance its interests. Where, he asked, are their equivalent on the Sunni side? Why, he wanted to know in particular, have the Saudis and their partners not been able to cultivate enough Yemenis to carry the burden of the fight against the Houthis? The Arabs, Obama suggested, badly need to develop a toolbox that goes beyond the brute force of direct intervention. Instead, they need to, be subtler, sneakier, more effective — well, just more like Iran.

If he admires Iranian proxies, could that be reason enough to use Iran as his own proxy? Obama is a student of the dirty Chicago political system. This kind of thinking fits up his alley like a gun fits in the hand of Al Capone.

No one wants to step to the plate and expose Barack Obama’s real agenda for fear of being ostracized when challenging the obscurity of Obama’s real intentions. So, everyone dances around the subject, and no one seems is able to respond to the essential question: Why is Barack Obama entering into such a bad Obama deal that helps Iran become far more dangerous in every category possible?

The Obama Deal Proxies Iran to Destroy Our Allies


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