The Naked Foreign Policy of Barack Obama

The Naked Foreign Policy of Barack Obama

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Syria‘s presidential palace, aptly named after its people but occupied by one man against their will, should be the subject of our attention in how it is governed and what decisions emanate from inside its walls.

The man who seized the palace, and his father before him, have no principles, no scruples, no loyalty, and no conscience. Exactly the sort of men you tell your daughter to stay away from.

After you finish reading this, both will be the kind of men you ask your own government to destroy at all costs. Rest assured, the naked foreign policy of Barack Obama cultivates terror instead of destroying it.

Let’s consider these facts:

  • In 1957, Hafez al-Assad was trained as an Air Force pilot in today’s Russia. If you have a $100,000 to spare, you can find an old KGB agent with favors to sell willing to get you his extensive file. Be prepared for some insidious surprises of how Assad was provided an entitlement in the Soviet Union to take charge of Syria.
  • The Ba’ath Party, born still in 1947 to Michel Aflaq, Salah al-Din Bitar, and Zaki al-Arsuzi and based on principles established by the Nazi Party, was revived by Hafez al-Assad after he tweaked it to add Stalinist principles he learned during his training in 1957 in the Soviet Union.
  • The Assad regime had one supreme Soviet goal throughout its miserable existence: To destabilize the region for Soviet benefits.
  • Destabilization is the enemy of achievements and progress, two goals the West cultivate with passion and which indirectly led to dictatorships in the Middle East as counter-forces of stabilization.
  • The Assad regime remains, to this day, the most valuable tool of anarchy created by the Soviet Union and it’s most effective weapon deployed against the West because it has the uncanny ability to survive internal upheaval as well as external pressure and at the same time spread chaos and anarchy, using the effective tools of violence and terror, beyond their wildest expectations.
  • The fact Putin is adamant about the survival of Assad demonstrates that the Soviet Union changed by name only. Putin recently forgave loans worth $9.7 Billion to the Assad regime, dating back to the 70’s, as a reward for services rendered.
  • The terror of Assad has touched many countries and many lives. It matters little what your origins, your religion, your affiliations, your race, your geography, your color, or your ideology are attributed to. As many Palestinians have suffered under Assad, whom he claims he protects from Israel, and as many Christians have died at his bloody hands he claims to protect in Syria.
  • The Assad family puts no value on life, people, or accomplishments of others. Its job is to simply destroy in the service of an angry Cold War foe trying to avenge the losses it sustained at the hands of a determined America.

So, if you are one of those ignorant people who romanticizes about Obama’s naked foreign policy that protects Assad, you are standing against U.S. interests and in favor of Russia’s.

Those who ignore the Assad danger and refuse to grab the opportunity to put a nail in the last Soviet bastion in the region (President Barack Obama naked foreign policy comes to mind on both counts), they would not be serving US interests.

Worse even, they would be shoring-up indirectly a regime bent on terror and destruction.

The Naked Foreign Policy of Barack Obama


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