The Miracle Douma Baby Girl Video

The Miracle Douma Baby Girl Video

Assad Bombards Civilians in Douma, Again
Assad Missiles Rained on Douma Killing 28 Civilians
Assad Kills 28 Civilians

Watch the video below as rescue workers in Douma pull a baby girl from under the rubble of a collapsed building.

The Assad attack on civilians in the city of Douma on the outskirts of Damascus cost the lives of some 50 civilians with many times over of injuries recorded; many who died were women and children who perished under collapsed buildings hit by direct missiles.

Only the barbarian Assad is capable of launching missiles against heavily populated civilian districts.

This Miracle Douma baby girl symbolizes the dexterity of the Syrian Revolution against the murderous Assad regime. She survived in spite of all odds. Her parents have been killed under the same rubble.

TFS hopes some American or European family adopts this miracle Douma baby girl. This article may provide information about adoption procedures and possibilities. Keep trying because high number of Syrian children are becoming orphans and at a very early age.

The clip was provided by Euronews.

The Miracle Douma Baby Girl


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