The Iran Deal is the Root Cause of Most Terror Acts

The Iran Deal is the Root Cause of Most Terror Acts

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The Iran Deal represents the root cause of most terror acts in the west (US, France, etc…) we have witnessed ever since Obama decided to strike ISIS in Syria and Iraq while giving the Assad regime every chance to kill more Sunni civilians.

Why did ISIS rise? Because Obama ignored the terror of Assad and refused to help the moderate forces in Syria to defeat his terror. It is a one-two punch of extreme ignorance on the part of the Obama administration.

The Sunni terror acts you have witnessed in the U.S., France, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Tunisia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, and soon to spill elsewhere are the result of Barack Obama insisting on empowering Iranian Shiite terror against Arab Sunnis.

The ISIS Sunni terror will not subside nor be contained unless the Iran Deal is reversed, and the Assad regime of Baschar al-Assad, the root cause of that terror, is removed from power. The U.S. needs to contain the Sunni and the Shiite terror machines simultaneously, not side with one against the other. 

This taboo subject is hardly discussed in the media because Barack Obama wants his deal with Iran even though he knows it is the root cause of most terror acts today.

Here is a brief description by the U.S. State Department assessment of terror in Europe for 2014:

While Europe continued to face terrorist threats from a variety of sources in 2014, a primary area of concern in many countries was the emergence of the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters participating in the conflict in Syria and Iraq in the ranks of such groups as al-Nusrah Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Here is their general terror assessment when it comes to the west:

Major trends in global terrorism in 2014 included the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL’s) unprecedented seizure of territory in Iraq and Syria, the continued flow of foreign terrorist fighters worldwide to join ISIL, and the rise of lone offender violent extremists in the West.

The U.S. State Department is not going to point the fingers at the ignorant policies of this White House as the root cause in the rise of Sunni terror, but we will.

Unfortunately, we will experience more acts of terror in this country, so will France, and most of the countries in the Middle East. We will defeat Sunni terror when this White House begins to treat the Shiite terror of Iran with equal seriousness.

If the Iran Deal is the root cause today, just imagine what will happen tomorrow when Iran unleashes more terror against Sunnis who will accuse the West of complicity with Iranian terror. Why take that risk to insure the legacy of one man is fulfilled is beyond us. 

Instead of an Iran Deal that promotes the terror of the Mullahs, we should be listening to our allies in the region for best ways to eradicate terror.

The Iran Deal is the Root Cause of Most Terror Acts


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