The Iran Deal Is a Toddler Killer

The Iran Deal Is a Toddler Killer

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We all watched with horror the tragic and untimely death of the Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi on the shores of Turkey as the boat that was carrying him away from the terror of ISIS capsized 5 minutes into its journey. The tragic accident also killed Aylan’s mother Rehen and his 5-year old brother Galip.

ISIS is the result of the Obama Administration ignoring the Assad crimes against his own people in order to steer the Mullahs of Iran to sign his Iran Deal. He also ignored the Pentagon Military Intelligence warnings on ISIS as reported by a U.S media that traditionally support Barack Obama. That is a fact.

Everything Obama did or did not do in Syria had but one aim: Please the turban-wearing, bearded-sporting men of terror ruling Iran in order to sign his Iran Deal.

How is it possible not to see the tragic events unfolding in Syria, which are the results of Obama neglecting the terror emanating from the region, as tied directly to the Iran Deal? Simply stated, the Iran Deal is a toddler killer. It killed Aylan Kurdi and it will kill thousands more as Iran and ISIS spread their wings of terror thanks to Barack Obama.

The world is blaming Canada, Europe, and even the immigration policies of the United States for the plight of the Syrian refugees (We did our share here), but the world refuses to see the obvious, which is that the Iran Deal is a toddler killer because its direct effects will be more Iranian terror, more ISIS recruiting, more Syrian refugees, more unfit boats capsizing, and more toddlers washing ashore. We assure you that Aylan Kurdi will not be the last toddler this Iran Deal will kill.

It is simply unconscionable for this administration to ignore the terror the region will be witnessing as billions of dollars pour into Iranian coffers. Iran has already made it clear that it will not change its behavior in the region. With Iran multiplying its terror, ISIS and other Sunni terrorist groups, in response, will only recruit more fighters. Read your history to understand that Islam is at stake here. Obama’s Iran Deal would be fueling a sectarian war that will simply take our breath away for its savagery. To escape it, there will be tens of thousands of Aylan Kurdis fleeing on boats.

This Iran Deal is a toddler killer.

Someone in Congress must tie the tragedy of Aylan Kurdi to the Iran Deal. Someone with a heart and a vision of what could go wrong if we submit to Obama’s ignorant wishes. Someone should tell the world that this Iran Deal is a toddler killer.

The Iran Deal Is a Toddler Killer


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