The Iran Deal is a Death Sentence for Syria’s Women and Children

The Iran Deal is a Death Sentence for Syria’s Women and Children

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If you have been reading about the atrocities Assad has been committing against civilians, you surely would know that the Iran deal is a death sentence for Syria’s remaining women and children. If Assad is as bold when Iran is under choking sanctions, just imagine the monster he will become when the zealot Mullahs open their checkbook for his regime of terror courtesy of Barack Obama.

In response, just imagine what ISIS and the other Islamists are going to do to Syria’s minorities in retaliation for Assad crimes. If not today, then in 50 years. They will wait it out the way Khamenei has been waiting out since the Caliphate Abu Bakr.

The Iran deal is a death sentence to millions of civilians. It is about to unleash hell upon a region with hundreds of millions of angry Muslims.

The Iran deal is about to destroy any credibility America has accrued in the region that our diplomats have been building, brick-by-brick, over the last seventy years. Because when Muslims are done killing each other, the anger will not subside, nor will the danger to our homeland.

Obama has no clue what he is doing. Congress better hold him accountable for tomorrow’s crimes he is ignoring today.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) should start the debate over the Iran deal with a speech on the floor of the Senate entitled, “What if the president is wrong?”. Start by showing off the horrific pictures from the latest Douma massacre committed with Iranian complicity. That should open many eyes.

Anyone who believes Sunni Arab Muslims are going to let Shiite Farsi Muslims run them over in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen, in Bahrain, in Kuwait, or in Saudi Arabia, have no sense of history. Obama is betting either Iran would behave, which if wrong is a disaster in the making, or that Iran would create an equilibrium of sort, which tells us how ignorant Obama is.

Either way, the Iran deal is a death sentence for Syria’s women and children who will become target practice for deadly Russian MiG sorties Putin is happy to supplement Assad with.

After the Iran deal is signed, Assad will begin to use forbidden chemical weapons to kill en masse. Who will stop him? Obama? Don’t make us laugh. Putin? He is an accomplice through and through. Kerry? He will hide for the next 18 months to avoid the questions the way Chamberlain hid after Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.

This Iran deal is a death sentence against helpless and hapless Syrian civilians the world has been watching Assad butcher over the last 4 years. How many Syrian civilians must die to satisfy the ego of Barack Hussein Obama?

The way we told you ISIS will be hard to defeat because of perception, we are telling you now that the Iran deal will unleash hell in the Middle East.

Blame Obama when you dust-off your bicycle to go to work.

The Iran Deal is a Death Sentence for Syria’s Women and Children


  • Bill Fritzsche 9 years ago

    If we can’t figure out how to convince American black young men to stop killing other young black men, and innocent black children, how is America going to convince Sunni and Shiite Muslims, who have been killing each other far longer, to stop the sensless, to us, killing of fellow Muslims? Throw in an occasional European and American just for fun.

    • A prolonged war risks oil shipments and threaten U.S. allies. Gen. Petraeus succeeded in Iraq during the surge to separate the two factions. This administration, unfortunately, is not up to the task.

  • John P. 9 years ago

    First time to read your articles. Excellent take on President Idiot and his sidekick Lurch.

  • David 9 years ago

    What are the Jews doing about the new holicost

    • They have treated thousands of Syrians at their hospitals for free.

    • LOL… what are fellow Muslims doing?
      They are killing each other, want to kill Israelis and Americans, and rich Arab countries closed their doors on fleeing Syrians…

  • We suck, letting this happen to humans across the globe. America has been blessed.
    We have ignored our responsibility to humanity and we continue to turn a blind eye to the suffering and crimes against humanity.
    As Americans we have had many chances to make positive impacts around the world. Instead of caring about fellow humans we have focused our resources on infighting and keeping the status quo. Fat, privelaged and stupid is what we have become. I love America and want it to wake up and take notice and take action to stem the tide of human suffering. This is rediculas and history will not judge us well of we keep ignoring our responsibilities to other humans.

    • You qualify to run for President. You would show ours today how a great nation should be led instead of hiding behind a 9-iron.

    • Truth 9 years ago

      You clearly just don’t understand US foreign policy, because if you did you would know the death and destruction happening across the middle east (Arab Spring) was caused by none other then the US but you are right in a sense about the fat and priveleged crippling america.

      • The death and destruction began when Assad tortured and killed innocent Syrians in his prisons just for marching peacefully. Who in their own right minds would ignore the atrocities, the oppression, and the terror of Assad against his own people?

    • So let me try and explain to you about your big hearted suggestions. America is in debt / 16 Trillian dollars. To give you an idea how much money that is 3 trillion seconds ago was 3000 years before Christ. The real debt that America has is over 30 trillion adding the derivatives with that market crashes it’s over 250 quadrillion dollars her has no money for your big hearted let’s go help the whole world what have you done you go help.

      • If you followed Syria closely, you would know that Saudi Arabia was willing to pay for all weapons to the moderate rebels, any costs associated with a No-Fly Zone, and any other incidentals the US would commit to. It is not about money. It is about Barack Obama towing the line for the terrorist Mullahs in Tehran.

  • Paul Mason 9 years ago

    It seems likely that Obama wants increased immigration to Europe, to spread Islam. So this was all planned.

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