The Invading Iranian Terrorists To Name Syrians as Terrorists

The Invading Iranian Terrorists To Name Syrians as Terrorists

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This must be the joke of the year. The invading Iranian terrorists, protecting the most terrorizing regime in modern history in Syria, want to decide who the terrorists in Syria are on the other side.

The next meeting in Vienna on the Syrian conflict must draw up a list of “terrorist groups”, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday.

“There are two important items on the agenda for the next meeting of Vienna,” Zarif told a news conference with his visiting Belgian counterpart Didier Reynders.

“First is determining which groups are terrorists, which is clear to us. And then agreeing on how to proceed” from there, Zarif said.

Saudi Arabia should issue a statement saying: How about we start with naming the invading Iranian terrorists who are killing innocent civilians before we add ISIS and al-Qaeda to that list?

By ‘invading Iranian terrorists’, TFS is labeling the regime of Iran, not the people of Iran.

The invading Iranian terrorists are the main regional ally of Syria and provides the psychopath and mass murderer Baschar al-Assad with financial and military aid, including by posting military advisers on the ground.

Seventeen countries, including Russia, the U.S., France, and for the first time Iran, met in late October in Vienna to discuss the possibilities of a political settlement of the conflict that has raged for more than four years and left more than 250,000 dead in Syria.

John Kerry invited invading Iranian terrorists to these peace talks, and he will come to regret that decision as the terrorists in Tehran take control of these meetings while he dithers and babbles.

Zarif added that he did not yet know at what level Iran will participate in the next round.

“It is an international duty to fight terrorism. Then it is up to the Syrian people to determine their own future. We can only facilitate, not decide” for Syrians, he added.

After cleansing Syria of some 12 million Sunnis, between refugees and displaced, Iran is seeking elections to cement Assad in power.

It is time for Saudi Arabia to call the Iranian invading terrorists by their names publicly.

AFP contributed to this article.

The Invading Iranian Terrorists To Name Syrians as Terrorists


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