The Games Nations Play

Assad Barrel Bombs are Spark Plugs to ISIS Engine of Terror
One More Sign of Syria’s Assad Influence Over ISIS
Syria VP Beaten Upon Assad’s Order

What’s wrong with the Obama administration saying it wants regime change in Syria? It’s not true. There are lots of things Mr. Obama cares about but the Syrian people, in terms of priority, are few notches down from the cocktail parties in the White House on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

What’s wrong with Assad attacking the “Friends for Syria” meeting in Istanbul? He is so happy to see it take place because its intention is to open a dialogue.

What’s wrong with Saudi Arabia demanding to arm the Syrian rebels? Behind the corridors, it is stopping every effort to arm the Syrians. Their public claims are intended to calm the Saudi street angry at seeing their unelected royalty letting Syrians get slaughtered. Saudi foreign minister had no choice but to play Molière in public.

What’s wrong with Erdogan claiming to stand by the Syrian people? He allows the Bosphorus to be used by Russia to transfer arms to Assad.

What’s wrong with the Islamists in Egypt (Brothers to the brothers in Hamas) claim they stand by the Syrian people? They let Iranian ships cross the Suez Canal to deliver arms to Assad.

What’s wrong with the brothers of Hamas in Gaza standing-up ONCE publicly for the Syrian people and have sealed their lips ever since? They simply do not want the Syrians to take center stage from their cause; the one we have suffered from for over sixty years. They also like the Iranian regime because it thinks like them: Violence against their citizens, violence against women, and violence amongst each other.

The cake eating contest though goes to the Iranian regime for labeling the Syrian people terrorists and the Bahraini people revolting against the king freedom fighters. The distinction has nothing to do with freedom or terror but simply of religion, which is an area difficult to deceive the world with if you think religion has precedence over the national identity of a sovereign nation.

Then you have those poltroons in Qatar who believe themselves to be kingmakers. Their al-Jazeera platform spreads chicanery and craftiness under the title “We love the Syrian people”. They really don’t give a damn.

Given the above, the Russians are starting to look ok. At least they tell you in your face what they believe in whether you like it or not.

It’s tiring to hear so many people make claims that are intentionally aimed to deceive the public-at-large; never in my lifetime have I seen so many countries stand by any people publicly only to save their skin, to see them get killed, or to work behind the scenes to help their butcher.


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