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A statement, on Facebook, issued by Lieut. Col. Khalid Yussef Al-Hamoud, the spokesman for the FSA Commander-in-Chief Col. Riad al-Asa’ad, distancing the organization from the Syrian National Council and asking for military intervention by the west.

The statement of Col. al-Asa’ad is as follows:

Peace be upon you.

To start, mercy may be upon the souls of our Martyrs in the Revolution, a Revolution of pride and dignity. I also wish upon those injured a quick recovery.

I am the Parachutist Lieut. Colonel Khalid Yussef al-Hamoud, spokesman for Col. Riad al-Asa’ad the Commander-in-Chief of the Free Syrian Army.

My Dear Brother,

After meeting with members of the Syrian National Council, we have come to the conclusion that those people do not represent with their proposals and programs the Revolution and what the Revolutionaries expect in reality from the SNC members and its executive office.

The SNC members and its executive office have become a burden on the Revolution for their lack of understanding of the sufferings endured  by our oppressed people, therefore, we ask our people today to discredit their legitimacy. No courtesies or delays can be accorded today in the face of the continued killing of this murderous regime.

We as military men in the Free Army and in the name of the Syrian people demand immediately all the international forces of truth and justice to interfere militarily and to direct painful military strikes aimed at destroying the killing machine of Assad, for our common interests to get rid of this criminal regime, similar to what happened in Bosnia to achieve the dreams of Syrians to build a civil state based on justice, freedom, and democracy.

Parachutist Lieut. Col. Khalid Yussef al-Hamoud

Free Army


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