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In the Middle East, the US foreign policy has adopted a strategy of “retreat from rather than defeat the enemy” on the premise that Islamic extremism is a regional issue inconsequential to the domestic problems the US faces.

This view is emanating from the White House and is shared wholeheartedly by some powerful voices in the foreign policy circles in Washington and the diplomatic establishment. All the decisions the US is forging in the region today rotate around this new and very vague doctrine of defeatism.

Although the arguments proposed by the proponents of these policies have certain popular advantages least of which is a US Government budget able to pay the national debt, the vagueness of this policy is either the result of appeasing voters in the 2012 elections key States who disagree with it or the result of underestimating the eminent danger the US will face if this retreat causes the enemy to become bolder and far more lethal.

I am not an expert on US domestic policy but at the same time, I am trying to understand why the ambiguity if the Obama administration expects to negotiate successfully with sworn enemies of the US? Unless it also realizes that failure will mean the US will be in danger of another 9/11 attack but it cannot help itself to see what’s a failure could mean.

But front runner Republican candidates are not standing still while Obama takes the country down this dangerous path. Both Romney and Gingrich will use the camouflaging of his policies as a campaign issue. They already started.

US Congress, I believe, will also start weighing-in soon on issues such as letting the regimes of Assad in Syria and the Mullahs in Iran off the hook. This storm is gathering and Obama’s canvas will be painted for him if he refuses to paint it himself.

Forcing him to spell his policies in a clear manner rather than using vague words for you to fill the blanks, as he did in 2008, is the answer to Obama’s strategy of concealing himself from the public.

His ultra-liberal views tempered by a socialist agenda are a bitter pill the US and the majority of voters are unwilling to swallow. Another reason why his polices are nebulous and why he paints them with invisible ink using speeches that could be interpreted 1,000 ways.

This presidency is kicking the can of Islamic extremism down the road. Even worse, it is naively constructing a trap by enlisting and empowering extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood certain to attack the US once they have a foothold in the region and oil money flows to terrorize rather than free the minds of our youths.

Who will pay the price 5 or 10 years from now? certainly not the people messing with hazardous policies for the region and the US. 


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