The Drive-in Democracy of Barack Obama

The Drive-in Democracy of Barack Obama

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Yesterday, a mob of Muslim extremists targeted and killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Information Officer Sean Smith in Benghazi, Libya. Why? Because, supposedly, in anger over a third-rate film about Prophet Muhammad no one has seen; and certainly no US Government officials were involved in its making. This senseless act of terror against US Diplomats, who were working so hard to help the Libyan people re-build their country after sacrificing so much to give them a free country, is truly sickening. It’s what we call the drive-in democracy of Barack Obama. The President remains aloof about bringing the powers of the United States to bear down on evil doers.

In one act of terror, the Islamic extremists have shown the world why the west must not and should not help Arabs and Muslims determine their fate. Our heart-felt condolences to the families and colleagues of Ambassador Stevens and Mr. Smith.

Unfortunately, more Syrians will die now than ever before. Thanks to the illiterate few al-Qaeda extremists in control of the streets of Benghazi.


This tragedy is also a reminder that during both eras of President Carter and President Obama, Muslim extremists represented by the Mullahs of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood of Libya stormed two US embassies. In-between those two far left Presidents, no other storming of a US Embassy ever happened under any of Obama’s predecessors until Carter. What does this fact tell us about the a**-kissing foreign policy of President Obama? Is it a coincidence that both tragedies happened on the watch of Presidents who believe in endless dialogue to solve ALL problems?

What does this tragedy in Libya tells us about President Obama’s fast-track program to deploy Democracy in the Middle East before a civil society takes shape? Voting in a country where freedom means it’s OK to “kill for revenge” is as infantile as it is to inaugurate the carcass of a broken ship and call it seaworthy. As far as we am concerned, Arab violent and despotic rulers or Drive-in Democracies are both as lethal in the sea of ignorance we see deploy before our eyes. The former perpetuates ignorance and the latter discounts it.

Whether the cause is about films in America or in the Netherlands, or whether it is about cartoons in Denmark or a book in Great Britain, We cannot trust Muslim extremists to use reason.

The Drive-in Democracy of Barack Obama


  • easytiger 11 years ago

    you know what KILLS me ?
    butcher Assad bombed hunderds of Mosques and inside these Mosques were THOUSANDS of Korans .
    butcher Assad made fun of the Syrian Sunnis and slaughtered thouthands and thouthsads of them , his supporters think Assad is God himself ,,,,and the Muslem World is…. NOT ONE FU**ing word .

    why is it ?

    • Because the Arab League wants to remain a Family-run Arab League. A killer amongst them, like Bachir of Sudan or Baschar of Syria, is pittance to pay than to see their rule falter one after another and real democracy takes place… Sunnis (Letting Assad kill them), Shia (Letting Iran and Syria kill them in Iraq to force the US out), Christians or anyone else is inconsequential to their number one goal: Stay in power at any cost to anyone.

      • easytiger 11 years ago

        why is it when a Florida Pastor(or any non Mulem) burns the Koran , the entire Muslem world goes “nuts” form Pacistan to Moroco , and when butcher Assad burned thousands of Koran and his troops bombed hunderd of Mosques we see NOTHING .
        its mind boggling…

        • Good question.. It goes back to the Wahabbis not being threatened by a pastor in FL vs. a removal of one of their own from power.

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