The Divisions Between the FSA and the SNC Widen

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A report published by Elaph yesterday noted, for the first time, the deep divisions between the SNC and the FSA that many within the Syrian opposition are familiar with.

Given how the Assad regime operates, these divisions, in my opinion, are due to two factors.

One factor, of course, is the result of the elements planted by the Assad regime in the SNC leadership ranks. Their role, as theirs was within RPS, is to wreak havoc, question others, start spreading misinformation, and the most important tactic is to get the insiders to fight amongst each other by questioning each other’s decisions.

The second factor has to do with the difference between the agenda of both organizations. The SNC wants to follow in the footsteps of the Arab League while the FSA has one duty only: To defend the Syrian people and the defectors by whatever means possible.

The latter one is the reason this infighting has become too acute to control.

The accusations flying back and forth are ugly. It has to do with lack of transparency in financial matters and the lack of support of the FSA when in public the SNC would issue statements remunerating the close relations and support between the SNC and the FSA.

The SNC understands fully that its popularity inside Syria is questionable at best. It also knows the FSA has the public opinion advantage as well as the advantage that comes with controlling one’s destiny because the FSA controls the weapons.

My hope is that the SNC cleans its act, votes for a liberal leader who can institute policies of transparency even at the expense of passing information to the Assad regime and provides the minorities of Syria with a more constructive vision and roadmap than just words of assurance.

A far as the FSA is concerned, the organization is led by non-Islamist Syrians who have put their lives on the line for Syria. The real leadership is the one that started the FSA and not the one with the highest military rank adopted under the Assad regime. This is a Revolution, not an extension of the decisions of Assad.


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