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Blame Qatari Incompetency on.. Israel
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Where was the Portland protest when Syria was slaughtering Palestinians?

Although the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood has been in existence since Hassan al-Banna launched the organization in 1928 detailing the role of Islam in politics, it has not ascended to power except in two locations: Turkey (AKP) and Gaza (Hamas). Both tied the knot of unity during the Gaza flotilla incident.

While Turkey is protected by a strong Constitution and a history of liberal policies emulating western values, Gaza, on the other hand, is a fresh template and the first region to be totally controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Turkey, the AKP is slowly destroying the financial structure of the nation (National debt in relation to GDP is 9.5%. For relativity, Greece is 10%). In Gaza, Hamas is slowly destroying its political and social structures. 

There are three actions we must remember about Gaza. Hamas ascended to power through violence, it continues to use violence against Israel, and it has silenced any opposition in Gaza. Violence and oppression. Does that remind us of Syria today?

If the MB ascends to power in Syria, it will be as fresh a start as Hamas had in Gaza. Syria is not privy to a strong Constitution like Turkey, which leaves the door wide open for the MB to engrave al-Banna’s vision unto a Syrian society as pluralistic and as diverse as the United States.

Below are some of the first goals the MB will certainly pursue:

1.  It will demand to draft into the Syrian Constitution language expressing that Syria, as a society, adheres to Islam, thus engraving Islam as the religion of the country even though Syria boasts over 50% of minorities and Muslims who wish to separate religion from politics. Syrians are ignorant as to its impact and will believe this is out of respect for Syrian values and religious heritage. In the future, anytime an issue is raised dealing with religion, the MB will refer to the Constitution to resolve it on the basis of very vague interpretations.

2.  Its second act would be to secretly establish its own militia, à la Hezbollah, to protect its power and the duty the organization observes to fulfill an agenda contrary to Syrian interests but in favor of a borderless Islam. In fact, it may have already started that process duping the French into believing it will be training cadres of a future Syrian army.

3.  It will fight tooth and nail to control five different ministries in the government: a) Ministry of Religious Affairs (al-Awkaf), b) Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, c) Ministry of Culture, d) Ministry of Education and, d) Ministry of Interior (To monitor its enemies).

4.  Like the MB in Egypt, it will pursue parallel policies to those of Assad by expressing enmity to Israel to throw our people off the tract of reforms and freedom.

5.  The MB will create their own Global Forum similar to the UN, the OIC, and the Arab League. Or any number of other large clubs in order to coordinate activities on the basis of religious goals rather than the national goals of their respective countries.

6.  The MB will have to fund its operations on a large scale. To do so, it must have available resources it can control outside the budgetary restrictive channels. It will occupy a country like Qatar, UAE, or even Saudi Arabia by embedding their people in high government posts or recruiting men already in power; thus imposing their will on weak leaders and even weaker countries. My bet is on Qatar because the Qataris are already under their spell and are welcoming many Islamists to reside in Doha. Besides, they also will get al-Jazeera in the bargain. Adieu Hamad.

7.  The MB will develop a strategy to have a say in the affairs of Makah and Medina, including a generous quota for their pilgrims to practice the Hajj. They will do so using their Global Forum to pressure the Saudi government who will be overwhelmed by their impact on the Arab street.

8.  Eventually, all those family-owned countries will be replaced by bearded men obeying a Caliphate like Nasrallah obeys Khameini.

By then, President Obama will be living abroad, Secretary Clinton will be long retired, and PM Erdogan will be in legal trouble. All three will be unavailable to answer some questions in regard to their policies during their term in office. 


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