Thank you Israel

Thank you Israel

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Where was the Portland protest when Syria was slaughtering Palestinians?

As the country of Israel suffers from the Hamas terror, it still found the time to treat the Syrian people from injuries sustained in the civil war.

Where are those far left voices in the media to see the humanity of the Jewish people instead of mounting campaign loads of hate?

Phoebe?Zerwick reported the full story about how Israel opened its borders to treat Syrians in need of medical help. Here are some portions of her article describing the events that led to the IDF decision.

The first wounded Syrians arrived at Ziv in February 2013. Dr. Oscar Embon, the hospital?s CEO, remembers the day well.

?It was Saturday, raining, Saturday February 16, when the army notified us that we were going to receive seven very severely injured Syrians. Six was very severe. Number seven was dying when he arrived,? Embon said.

Colonel Salman Zarka, the head of Military Health Services for the Israeli Army, finishes the story.

?So it was a decision not to shoot, just to wait and to see what is going on there.? Once the men crossed into Israel, the officer called a medical unit, but the injuries were too severe for medics to handle. With permission from higher-ups, the men were taken by ambulance to Ziv, about an hour?s drive. The most severely injured of the seven barely survived the trip.

A full-fledged medical mission developed from that one decision not to shoot. The Israeli army built a field hospital at the border, which Zarka commands, and arranged with Ziv and three other civilian hospitals to accept the most serious cases. In total, the Israeli Army and civilian hospitals have treated 1,200 Syrians. As word has spread about medical care in Israel, some patients show up with referral letters from Syrian doctors.

Tell me this story does not move you to tears.

I am sending it to the White House for Mr. Obama to read. Maybe he would learn something about the humanity of Israel.

Thank you to the Israeli people for treating 1,200 Syrians in your hospitals.


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