Terrorist Khamenei Losing His Grip Over Iraq

Terrorist Khamenei Losing His Grip Over Iraq

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Violent and accelerated events unfolding in Iraq are a clear sign that terrorist Khamenei is losing his grip over Iran’s Arab neighbor. In the last week alone, the following events led to the full disintegration of any trust the people of Iraq may have had with their own government:

  1. Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi resigned his post with full approval from the parliament. Just as In Lebanon, Mahdi can no longer control his people or the violent Iranian response to their unrest.
  2. To take advantage of Iran weakening, the United States is contemplating reinforcements of its troops in Iraq. This time around, President Trump is all on-board. Maybe he finally gets it.
  3. The United States good cop policy towards the Iraqi people may pay good dividends as the U.S. calls on Iraqi government to investigate the excessive use of force against its won citizens. Such would lift the veil of Iranian duplicitous violence against the Iraqi Arabs.
  4. Pope Francis weighed-in, as he did once in Syria, to condemn the harsh crackdown against the protesters. This will globalize the problem, which might shed light on Khamenei’s violence in general.
  5. For the third time, Iraqis burned the Iranian consulate in southern Iraq. This is a judgment act against Iranian interference in Iraqi affairs. The people are speaking loud and clear. In response, Iran, using Iraqi forces to do its dirty deeds, killed 45 protesters.
  6. Iranian terrorist infiltrators are stabbing Iraqi protesters to spread fear and reluctance. Hardly enough to blow a hole in Iraqi resilience and determination to kick Iran out of their own country. TFS salutes the brave Iraqi people fighting Khamenei’s terror machine.


The Khamenei terrorist regime is battling for its survival on four three fronts simultaneous. Protesters rising against its dominance in Lebanon, Iraq, and in its own backyard at home. As well as paralyzing U.S. economic sanctions that are slowly eroding Khamenei’s grip unto power. The combination is lethal even if Iranian proxies, like Hezbollah and the militias it backs in Iraq, are doing its dirty bidding.

It’s Bolshevikian theater aromatized with a Bastille Louis XIV perfume against a backdrop of the sounds of a guillotine dropping

At this point, Lebanon seems to have no answers to its economic problems mainly caused by Hezbollah’s corrupt practices. Likewise, Iraq seems to have entered a twilight zone with no return ticket. The violence Khamenei is inflicting upon the Iraqi people is a sign of desperation, but there is no indication it is working.

Internally, Iran may have violently extricated itself from the protests that gripped over 80 of its own cities and towns in November, but the whole country is a cauldron of hot lava ready to explode again at any moment. Nothing strikes more fear in Khamenei’s heart than to see himself fighting for survival from the very same people he governs. It’s Bolshevikian theater aromatized with a Bastille Louis XIV perfume against a backdrop of the sounds of a guillotine dropping.


Terrorist Khamenei and his cohorts are battling their own people and a new widespread Zanj rebellion. It is history repeating itself for the Abbasid.

All of Iran’s pistons are kicking in trying to kill any sense of liberty their foreign subjects want to experience. How long before these pistons explode is anyone’s guess. But at this rate, the costs associated with crushing mass rebellions is enough to put a big hole in Iran’s economy. One that is severely distressed already.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the Iranian Islamist Revolution has never experienced such pressures before. No matter how cunning the Iranian Mullahs are, the mass of people rising against them have spoken, and it is a question of time before they falter and trip over few guillotines.

Terrorist Khamenei Losing His Grip Over Iraq


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