Talking to Iran Is Risky Business For America

Talking to Iran Is Risky Business For America

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On “Face The Nation“, Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif dangled a carrot to President Donald Trump in the form of hostage negotiations, and swap of Iranian prisoners for US hostages in Iran. We believe talking to Iran is risky business.

Here is what Zarif told FTN:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Minister Zarif, you publicly floated this idea of a prisoner exchange with the U.S. What would that look like?

FOREIGN MINISTER JAVAD ZARIF: Well, we’ve done it before. We had a possibility of getting the release of some Iranians who were in U.S. jails or were under probation in the United States. We removed them from that circumstances and- and then some U.S.-Iranians who were in jail in Iran were released. I think we can do it again. We- the administration- the previous administration was trying to engage in that. The new administration initially showed interest. We made an offer in September that we are ready, and we are ready.


Those who know the politics of Iran will tell you that the leadership’s most impressive attribute is patience. When negotiating with Iran, the Mullahs will throw you, flip you, and throw you again like a juggler does to knives. You will be suspended in mid-air most of the time believing you are on solid ground. Remember what they did to President Barack Obama when he agreed to the Iran Deal; the worst one way negotiations the world has ever witnessed.

Iran made the world believe that building nuclear weapons was the biggest danger when missiles were. Think about it. Iran could use missiles with impunity, but not any nuclear weapons it developed. Missiles can expand Iranian footprint, nuclear weapons can only ruffle feathers and spread virtual wings.

Obama even gave them the money to develop a whole new class of weapons they could aim at anyone in MENA. Some of the missiles have found their way to the Assad regime and Hezbollah.


Iran’s aim is focused on diluting the sanctions that seem to be working well. Through deception and craftiness. Given President Trump’s penchant to like those who praise him, it won’t be long before we see Trump and Zarif holding hands while strolling the Rose Garden. Talking to Iran is risky business. Too risky to even consider it.

That does not mean the Department of State could not send a memo to Zarif stating they will have the Iranian prisoners waiting at Geneva International Airport on such a day and hour. To bring the American hostages for a swap. No negotiations, and no talks.

Then, you will see how insincere the Mullahs are. Besides, how can you trust a government that executes teenage boys?

Talking to Iran Is Risky Business


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