Syrians Must Unite Against Assad to Rebuild Their Country

Syrians Must Unite Against Assad to Rebuild Their Country

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In a March 25, 2019 briefing at the State Department, Syria’s envoy, Ambassador Jim Jeffries, highlighted clearly the U.S. policy on Syria, which Syrians must acquaint themselves with, and which leads to one conclusion: Syrians must unite against Assad to begin the process of healing and rebuilding their country.

When answering a question by a reporter, Ambassador Jeffries said:

The U.S. policy in Syria is to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS. We’re a big step closer to that today, but ISIS still lives on in various cells and in the minds of many of the people in the areas that we’ve liberated. Secondly, to ensure a political process that will give us a different kind of government that will encourage people to come back and be a decent player in the international arena, unlike what we’ve seen from Syria in the last eight years. And then thirdly, the removal of all Iranian-commanded forces from the entirety of Syria.

This broad 3-point outline will take Syria to a better place. The impediment, so far, has been Assad himself as he battles his own demons and the consequences of his atrocities. Not to forget, as well, his red carpet treatment of the terrorist regime of Khamenei as Iran slowly and surely establishes its tentacles of violence in Syria as a base of operations against its own nemesis Israel. Why should Syrians accept to play the proxy of a foreign invading power Assad facilitated as payback for his seat of power?


Nothing in this formula benefits the country or its citizenry. Syrians must unite against Assad if they want to have a better future. It’s not a choice. Our interests as people demand it.

If Assad continues to believe that the past eight years are reason enough to stubbornly hang on to power, then all parties concerned, to include Russia, should consider seriously facilitating an internal coup to remove him from power. However, considering Russian latest adventures in our own backyard in Venezuela, Ambassador Jeffries should not peg too much hope on Russian cooperation. Putin is our enemy. He is out to avenge the dismantlement of the Soviet Union. Putin thinks he is a modern day Genghis Khan.

This leaves Syrians to take matters in their hands. And this is why Syrians must unite against Assad openly and publicly across every inch of Syria. If the people of this ravaged country want a future for their children, pay the price for that future by abandoning the Assad regime of terror.


It serves no purpose for the Syrian people to look backward to point their finger of blame. The war happened. The guilty is everyone. It is time to look forward to plan Syria’s future.

In his briefing, Ambassador Jeffries said it loud and clear.

  1. We eradicated Sunni extremism,
  2. You Syrians now must ban Alawite extremism, and
  3. Together we will clear Syria of Shia extremism.

Syrians could not ask for better conditions than how the U.S. envisions Syria’s future. In considering this plan, Syrians must also consider another important factor.

Who is going to reconstruct Syria? Not Russia, not Iran, and not Assad multi-billion bank account. Those who are willing and able to rebuild Syria are telling Syrians to step out of the shadows of extremism for them to step in. How could Syrians ask for a better cause and effect? Ambassador Jeffries’ message is very simple. Eradicate terror and extremism, and the West would help Syria have a future. One without Assad and any other extremist ideology.

As Syrian-Americans, we do not see anything wrong with this message. Neither should any Syrian who loves their country.

Syrians Must Unite Against Assad to Rebuild Their Country


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