Syrian Revolution Continues Say the White Helmets

Syrian Revolution Continues Say the White Helmets

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An interview with Raed Saleh, who heads the White helmets in Syria, provides a glimpse of the Syrian people mindset. Just in case pro-Assad agents are spreading rumors Assad won. The Syrian Revolution continues say the White Helmets.

In an interview with NPR, Saleh said:

GARCIA-NAVARRO: First, what is the state of things in Syria now? The war is not over, but many people perceive that Bashar al-Assad has won.

SALEH: (Through interpreter) In fact, the situation can’t be evaluated this way. Taking control of rubble does not mean victory. What is he controlling today? He is controlling a destroyed country. He’s controlling land without people. Thirteen million people are outside of Syria or forcibly displaced internally to areas he does not control. He is controlling cities that are completely destroyed. Today he can’t provide the most basic services to the so-called homogeneous society that he has talked about, such as gas, heating and bread.

The White Helmets are civil defense units spread across the country. They are Syria’s First Responders manning ambulances and digging people from rubble after an air attack by the Assad regime. In Syria, they are heroes. Just like our First Responders have been when they saved people from the terror attack of 9/11.

Vladimir Putin, who poisons his enemies on European soil using military-grade deadly chemicals, once called them terrorists. Even the far right in this country denounced Putin because we all know what pulling people from rubble is like.

So many White Helmets heroes died while saving others. Because Assad targeted them by sending a second wave of bombs after the first run knowing the White Helmets would be already on the scene saving women and children. This is how deranged the man who thinks he controls Syria is.


In the short interview, Saleh said something worth noting:

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Where are we now in the Syrian civil war in your estimation? It is clearly not the beginning. Is it closer to the end or do you see this going on indefinitely?

SALEH: (Through interpreter) We do not call this a civil war, but we rather call it a revolution against a dictatorship – a dictatorship that has used all kinds of weapons against people who are revolting against it. They have used chemical weapons and barrel bombs against civilians. I’m not sure how far away from the end are we. I’m not sure how far along we are with this revolution. But we have gone through many phases. I’ll tell you back in 2013 when the Iranian forces interfered in Syria, they said that without their intervention, the regime would have fallen within two weeks. The revolution continued. And in 2015, the Russians came in. And they said that without their intervention, the regime would have fallen within a few weeks. Three years after the Russian intervention, the revolution still goes on. We have not lost. The Syrian people have not lost. This revolution continues. So I can’t tell you exactly what’s going to happen next, but I can tell you that there is no force in the world that can defeat a people’s revolution.

When a Syrian saves lives instead of taking them. And when a Syrian believes in the mission to dismantle a regime of terror. When a Syrian has witnessed death and destruction on a scale that challenges our perception of danger. Then embrace that Syrian. They would be the ones to rebuild Syria, make peace with our neighbors, and gallop to compromise and negotiations.

They are saving Syria today, and they will save Syria from terror tomorrow.

Syrian Revolution Continues Say the White Helmets


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