Syrian Children Suffering Barack Obama is Ignoring

Syrian Children Suffering Barack Obama is Ignoring

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An international children’s group painted a grim picture of life in Syria’s besieged cities, where young people have lost any hope for the future, living in constant fear of aerial bombardment and lacking access to food and proper medical care. This is the story of Syrian children suffering Barack Obama is ignoring by refusing to establish a no-fly zone.

Save the Children said in a report published Tuesday that access to besieged areas by humanitarian organizations is virtually non-existent and only about 1 percent of food aid from the U.N. reached Syrians in besieged areas in 2015. About 250,000 children live in besieged areas, according to the report.

“Children have really lost any sense of the future,” Sonia Khush, the organization’s regional director for Syria told a news conference at U.N. headquarters on Monday.

She described a life in which parents and their children are surrounded by warring groups and access to medicine or physicians is limited or non-existent. Children “barely know what fresh fruits and vegetables are” because the government or other combatants have blocked access to them, Khush said.

For the report, Save the Children, working with partners in Syria, interviewed 126 people in eight besieged areas, including children aged 10 to 16, parents and professionals such as doctors and teachers living in areas that have effectively become “open air prisons.”

Syria’s five-year war has killed 470,000 people and displaced half the country’s population.

The conflict, which erupted in March 2011 as a popular uprising against the butcher Baschar al-Assad’s authoritarian rule, quickly descended into an all-out civil war that allowed militants such as ISIS to seize large swaths of land. Violence has eased in the country since the government and opposition agreed to a partial cease-fire 10 days ago.

According to diplomats, humanitarian aid has begun reaching some besieged areas thanks to a partial cease fire, and a spokeswoman for U.N. envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said Tuesday that peace talks with Syrian government officials and opposition representatives will begin no later than next Monday.

The resumption of talks has been expected ever since the U.S.-Russia-engineered truce, which has sharply reduced the bloodshed, took effect on Feb. 27. The cease fire – though limited and tentative – has mostly held, even as sporadic violence has continued.

An aid worker living in Syria who attended Monday’s news conference but asked that her name not be used for fear of reprisals said food, medicine and other vital supplies are removed by combatants at checkpoints long before reaching the besieged areas
The situation is so precarious, she said, Syrian children suffering routinely run to freshly bombed buildings to salvage wood from the wreckage to provide heat to stay warm, the aid worker said.

Michael Klosson, vice president for policy and humanitarian response for Save the Children, said the only real way to get supplies to the people who need them is to end the siege of these areas and ensure sustained access.

After five years of war, he said, “Enough is enough.”

AP contributed to this report.

Syrian Children Suffering Barack Obama is Ignoring


  • Andreas I. 3 years ago

    Greek slaves and Greeks/Refugees in Turkey not welcome in Greece. Greeks in Turkic relations not welcome in Greece. Past and present. Greeks with forgotten origin not welcome in Greece.

  • Andreas I. 3 years ago

    Syria: Assad 100% sure chemical weapons
    reached Syria via Turkey.
    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that chemical weapons were
    delivered to militants in Syria via Turkey, speaking during an
    interview in Damascus on Wednesday.
    Assad: Just to show how horrible this treason. To use it as
    a material pretext to intervene in Syria. So directly from
    Turkey. There were evidences regarding this. Some of them
    have been joined on the internet a few years ago. You had
    many parties and parliament members in Turkey who question
    the government regarding those allocations. So it is not
    something hidden. Many in Syria knew that and the only way
    – they only route for the terrorists to get money,
    armaments, every logistic supports, recruit and “this kind
    of material” is through Turkey. They don’t have any other
    way. To come from the North. So it is hundred percent
    Turkey. As state we only took half of tens of thousends of
    victims. We always try to look at the full half of the cup.
    But we don’t – we couldn’t find it. We try to see anything
    positive. We said that what this president – Trump – what
    he said: We said “promising” (? ”promising”) – a few
    months ago but actually it is not what they promise because
    we all know that American officials say something and do
    something different. They never committed to their promises
    or to their words. So that what has been proven recently
    after the attack on She(i)ra – They say something and do
    something different. They don’t use it. So it not was
    Jordan. We don’t discuss Jordan as a state.

  • Andreas I. 3 years ago


    You can watch the entire video here (URL) –
    B. Shaaban –

    “It was actually Turkey who started the
    entire war on Syria.”
    Russia Today: So you know I am joined live on the line by Dr. B.
    Shaaban. She is the political adviser to the president of Syria to
    discuss the situation in the country and relations with the West.
    Many thanks for coming on to join as Dr. Shaaban. I want to start
    if I may with the reports of collateral damage and civilian
    targets being hit by Russian and Syrian forces. That claims – and
    that recent one – coming from Turkey that accuses Russia of
    destroying a school and a hospital. Let’s just listen first at all
    to that claim.
    “Russia has launched ballistic missiles from the Caspian
    sea into the town of Aʿzāz. They hit a school and a
    hospital. Killing many civilians.”Russia Today: The Turkish prime minister making that claim there.
    I just want to ask you. Is it true?
    Shaaban: You know. I then know that you hear properly. Your
    question implying an accusation to Russian or Syrian forces
    hitting a school. The voice was not really clear really.
    Russia Today: “Yes that’s correct.”
    Shaaban: I would like to say if that. That was the question
    I would like to say that there are so many claims that have
    been made in the Western media about what the Russian and
    the Syrian army are doing. One in briefly I can say what
    the Syrian army in cooperation with Russian aircrafts are
    doing are fighting terrorism in Syria. And what we hope for
    is for other countries to join because this terrorism is a
    threat to the entire humanity and it is very clear that
    once the Syrian army in cooperations with the Russians are
    achieving great success against terrorists some countries
    in the region like Turkey and Saudi-Arabia are going crazy
    because they are the ones who are supporting terrorism in
    Syria right from 2011 until now.
    Russia Today: A question that obviously follows from NATO is the
    problem that the US are in there. The forces that they back-face?
    as well. Everybody knows now that terrorists will hide in public
    facilities such as schools and hospitals. How do you avoid what
    some mighty collateral damage (what is so called?) – Innocent
    civilians from being killed?
    Shaaban: I think the best way to save innocent civilians is
    to put an end to this terrorism and there are all the means
    available if there is a real will to put an end to
    terrorism. The security council resolution 2234 which
    forces, which should force countries to stop financing,
    arming, facilitating and sending mercinals and terrorists
    into Syria. Unfortunately there is no international will to
    implement? that resolution.
    We would wish that Russian, and American and all countries
    in the world will join forces in fighting terrorism. This
    is the only way instead of – you know – exchanging
    accusations which lead nowhere and which have no effect on
    the ground really. And it is the Syrian people
    unfortunately who are suffering – the end result of these
    Russia Today: And we heard more such accusations. You just
    mentioned suddenly the terrorist attacks are carrying wednesday in
    Turkey. Ankara is blaming Syrian Kurds for those attacks. And also
    claiming that they are backed by the Assad-government. How do you
    respond to those accusations?Shaaban: I am sorry. I didn’t hear you properly. Could you
    please repeat the question kindly.
    Russia Today: Yeah. Certainly. Turkey claims that the attacks that
    happened in Ankara on wednesday were carried out by Syrian Kurds.
    Turkey also says that the Assad government backs the Syrian Kurds.
    Is there any truth to that?
    Shaaban: You know I think Western/the US I hope would
    realize that it was actually Turkey who started the entire
    war on Syria. We have 900 kilometres border with Turkey.
    And if you can imagine Syria without these borders it would
    have been impossible to start such a war and to bring in so
    many terrorists from 83 countries from all other the world
    into Syria. And now the moment the Syrian army is making
    real advances in liberating our cities and villages Turkey
    is attacking our cities and villages directly because these
    terrorists were the means for Turkey on the Syrian ground
    and once Turkey saw that these terrorists are failing or
    they are being defeated Turkey jumped in to save them and
    to help them. I hope that Western world would stop looking
    at Erdogans government at the means to help them whether in
    fighting terrorism or in stopping the refugee crisis. It is
    Turkey who started the refugee crisis for years ago. It is
    Turkey who put on tents on the border well before any
    Syrian refugee was on any border. Actually Turkey
    dismantled our factories, stole our heritage, has ambitions
    to recreate the Ottoman Empire in the Arab world. And
    Europe has no interest in following this example plus the
    Erdogan government is a Muslim-brothers government and
    that’s why they are launching all this war with their
    terrorist-tools in Syria and I hope Western media would
    stop looking at Turkey as an exit for the crisis or as a
    means of help to end these crisis.
    Russia Today: (…) talked about Turkish attacks on Kurds on
    Syrian territory. Damascus has written to the UN voicing concern
    about those Turkish attacks. Has Syria received a response from
    the UN?
    Shaaban: You know honestly. The sound is so bad. I can
    hardly. I can hardly. Peripherally (…).
    Russia Today: It is O.K. – I’ll repeat. I was asking about Turkish
    attacks on Kurds in Syria. I know that Syria is asking the UN
    about this. Expressing its concern. Have you had a reaction or
    response from United Nations?
    Shaaban: No. Actually unfortunately we did not have yet a
    response. You know the Syrian government has sent over 300
    hundred letters to the UN about all these attacks and about
    from the beginning of the crisis until now. And as I said
    if there is a honesty in handling the situation thesecurity council resolution 2234 is very clear and it is
    under chapter 7 and we ask the UN and we ask them the
    either, everybody that this should be implemented and
    Turkey should be stopped because it is attacking our
    cities, attacking our villages and accusing the Kurds of
    things that they are not doing you know. Only because it
    has ambitions in our country, and it has a greed in our
    country and it is a muslim-brother government. That is
    really the whole point. And the refugee crisis – believe me
    – has been created, manipulated and used by Turkey. Against
    Europe and against Syria. And the only way I can see very
    clearly is for Europe and Syria to speak together and
    believe me – the refugee crisis would be solved and
    terrorism would be eradicated from Syria.
    Russia Today: Now the United States has accused Assad of fueling
    terrorism by fighting what the US describes as “the moderate
    opposition.” Let’s just listen what he said:
    “He is responsible for ISIL’s rights. Assad is a course,
    not a cure of ISIL.”
    Russia Today: Just listened to Philip Hammond. The UK Defense
    sectory. But the point here is the phrase “moderate opposition”.
    Effectly western backed rebels. Are did you fighting in your own
    backyard. What do you considered them to be? Moderate or something
    Shaaban: You notice how many words. People look for rebels,
    and sergeants, opposition. Anyone who carries on against
    civilians, against governments, against institutions is a
    terrorist. Political opposition should be dealing with
    politics, should be an opposition against a government but
    by political means without using arms, without killing
    people, without beheading people. You remembered the person
    who ate the heart of a Syrian soldier. That was from the
    “Free Army”. And “Free Army” is considered to be moderate
    by some Western countries. Moderate opposition. Can
    terrorism be moderate? Can somebody who is beheading people
    and killing people and destroying and raping women, and
    attacking minorities in a country. Can those people
    considered moderate? Can those people considered
    opposition? I want to talk to you in a Western frame of
    mind. Can Britain, or France, or the US accept any
    opposition that carries on, attack schools, kill people? I
    mean why do they apply terminology or not that not apply
    anywhere in the world. You know – This is un-acceptable,
    really.“ (Russia Today International, February 2016).

  • Andreas I. 3 years ago

    The Syrian war was started by neighbour Turkey, the Assad-governmnet said. Because of loot and areas. They brought in terrorists to Syria and worked with Turkic groups in Syria together. Because Syria and Iraq have borders to Turkey.

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