There is a lot to say about Jordan, another small gem in the Middle East led by King Abdullah II, a monarch who is much beloved and respected by his people.

Jordan’s main industry is peace, and its peacemaking mechanisms is best portrayed by its peace treaty with Israel, which provided much stability and prosperity to this small Arab nation. When one watches with horror the terror on display in the Levant region, one cannot but appreciate Jordan for its fight against terror and for its determination to see radicalism annihilated.

Besides promoting and living peacefully, this small Arab country is also the most welcoming and compassionate country in the Arab world. Ever since the start of Syria’s civil war, King Abdullah has opened his arms to over one million Syrian refugees escaping the Assad machine of terror and the Iranian ethnic cleansing. He did so without fanfare, and without seeking the limelight for his benevolence and kindness.

Syria and Syrians should consider themselves lucky to border a country led by a King whose focus has been and will always be the people that love him dearly.

In a post-Assad era, Jordan’s influence will expand as more and more Arabs realize that its peace with Israel has created the conditions for stability without losing sight of its Arab roots and traditions best displayed with its unconditional welcoming of Syrian refugees when it opened its borders wide to welcome them.

In fact, Jordan represents the most forward looking view of Arab nations in the 21st century. Peaceful, prosperous, generous, and stable while fighting terror with a single-minded approach.

If every Arab country emulated Jordan, Arabs and Muslims in the Arab world would discover their own firmament in the practice of peaceful co-existence without losing sight who the real enemies are: Islamic terror and intolerance.


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