Syria to the US is what the Berlin Wall was to the Soviet Union

Syria to the US is what the Berlin Wall was to the Soviet Union

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Those who remember the collapse of the Soviet Union engineered by President Ronald Reagan and whose symbolism, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall represented, should view Syria within the same context but in reverse. Syria to the US is what the Berlin Wall was to the Soviet Union.

Syria will come to symbolize the rise of Russia from the ashes of the Soviet Union and the defeat of US power engineered by Mr. Obama from within.

It is not because America cannot, but because America, under this administration, does not want the US to be the superpower it was. Saving Syria from the jaws of Putin and the Iranian Mullahs, without any doubt, would have demonstrated that power again, something Mr. Obama repudiates with deep convictions.

It is true that our economy and our military supremacy remain dominant to any other, unlike the Soviet Union before it collapsed, but what use is a military that fears Iran and Assad the way Rome feared the hit and run campaigns of the barbaric coming from the East before it collapsed. The US is acting as Rome acted in the 4th Century, which means our collapse will be as gradual but also as certain if the US does not put the barbarian shirtless Putin from the East in his place.

Internally, the Obama Administration has been a disintegrationist administration taking on programs that institute higher taxes without attempting to fix the most urgent problems in our education system. Think about it, our public high school system is mostly broken and our higher education system is under the control of left-wing elitists who believe the US is too big, too arrogant, and must be reigned-in.

If, by chance, our children somehow escape with a good high school education, they enter college to learn how to hate America. The end to global US benevolence and rectitude will come from within if we continue on this path.

Syria to the US is what the Berlin wall was to the Soviet Union. The beginning of the end of US power.

Those who seek no interference in Syria or side by Assad are short-sighted fools shooting themselves in the foot over the long run because dealing with threats posed by the likes of Assad will become the behavioral norm.

Syria to the US is what the Berlin Wall was to the Soviet Union


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