Syria Pretender Friends and Real Foes

Syria Pretender Friends and Real Foes

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Over the last 2 years, Syrians looking for freedom, human rights, and democracy have had the chance to separate friend from foe, manipulator from activator, silence from noise, and opportunists from the well-intentioned. Call it Syria pretender friends and real foes.

Given the complex, murky and swampy politics governing the region of the Middle East with the highest concentration of oil and gas in the world, every nation counts no matter how inconsequential it may look. The foot soldier is as important as the Queen killing her way around the Chess Board.

This civil war in Syria has uncovered the deepest and most secretive relations and intentions. Here is a snapshot what is already known to many.


By Assad stands Russia, Iran, and China. The latter only as a spoiler and not as an ordained idealist. Also, the camp of the destitute represented by North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, and Venezuela. The latter sliding to destitution fastest, stands firmly by Assad.

Within those friendly nations one can find foes to Assad represented by the Green Movement in Iran and to a certain extent all those who oppose the absolute powers of Putin, Khamenei, and the other tyrants ruling like Assad.

Against Assad stand the majority of the Syrian people tired of tyranny and fear, as well as America and Europe. The stand of the latter two is not as absolute as the Russian and the Iranian stand by Assad. That lack of determination has empowered Assads’ friends and has turned Syria into a rat laboratory for testing the many different unwelcomed species we find across the Muslim world. It has changed Syria forever, thus making its root problems a spark to ignite many wars simultaneously at any moment. Syria has become the fireworks to celebrate the beginning of new battles, mostly those that history is unable to forget or forgive others for. Thus, highlighting Syria pretender friends and real foes.

But within those nations, we find pockets of friendly Assad voices represented by either domestic considerations (Senator Kerry and Rep. Pelosi because of their opposition to President Bush policies-to this day) and other appeasing voices, including Obama himself who cannot find the courage to confront Putin on international matters with national security imperatives for fear he may look like he has exhumed the bravado of Bush.


On the manipulator side, the Arab League (We call it Fatigue) has been playing everyone because its secretive agenda is simple:

  • Protect the 22 Arab families that rule the Arab world and,
  • If any one Arab family is in danger and must be replaced (i.e. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria), make sure the new family rules absolutely as the authoritarian rulers they are.

Everything the Arab League does support those two goals with dogged determination. Lately, Iran, as a foe to Arab rulers, is upsetting the classic alliance card (Now al-Saud family is secretly coordinating with Israel), but it is not veering the Arab League away from its primary goals. If we leave it to the GCC to determine the future of Syria, another dictator will replace Assad. However, the latest disturbances in Egypt are making the Arab League very nervous. Why? Because it is pegging the people of the Arab world against the singular vision of authoritarianism.

Within the Arab countries, the people are standing by the Syrian people; but because of the laboratory work in Syria, more and more people are choosing the religious path (Sunnis vs. Shia) to the freedom path when expressing whom to support within Syria pretender friends and real foes.


Within Israel, there are elements that have long ago washed their hands from interfering, helping, or influencing an Arab mind. After 64 years of trying, they have given up. But then, there are many elements that have supported the Syrian Revolution against Assad; and we have seen them demonstrate in the streets of Tel Aviv in support of the Syrian people.

Other elements, within the Israeli society, think that this new laboratory in Syria may be dangerous; but it may also present an opportunity to change the DNA structure of an Arab mind that blames everyone else for its mistakes, cannot let bygones be bygones, and is unable to forgive. Those are the smart Israelis who are usually one step ahead of everyone else.

We absolutely disagree with this concept for two reasons. One, it will destroy our native country totally. Two, the danger emanating from the spread of a new virus as a result of those laboratory tests may be uncontrollable.


Within Turkey, the Erdogan Government, after the deliberate Islamic institutionalization of Turkey, has finally shown its Islamist roots by supporting the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood openly and selling a mentally disposed President Obama on its moderate views. Erdogan is the enemy of the Syrian people despite the generosity of the Turkish Government in protecting upwards of 150,000 Syrian refugees. Why is that true is manifested in Erdogan’s history and his close association with the Assad regime early-on; this despite his full knowledge the regime is as repressive. Just an example of Syria pretender friends and real foes.

This may have to do with Assad delivering the region of Hatay to Turkey and/or controlling the Kurds of Syria, but if so why confront Assad today? He is because the MB has a chance to rise to power under his tutelage, not because he loves the Syrian people.


As far as Hezbollah and Hamas are concerned, both are manipulators and activators when it comes to Syria. They manipulate outcomes and activate events aimed at diluting the Syrian Revolution or killing it all together. Criminals flock together, which makes Syria pretender friends and real foes come out in the open.

As far as the Muslim Brotherhood is concerned, the organization is simultaneously a foe of the Syrian people, a friend of Iran, a temporary friend of the west, a manipulator and an activator for the purpose of one goal: To rise to power at any cost no matter to whom. No one is as opportunistic as people who use religion to rise to power. It’s the ultimate tour de force and the Qatari leadership supporting the MB has yet to catch on.

Anytime an organization attempts to take control of a government by manipulating the masses, whether it’s Communism, Nazism, or Islamism, the danger is obvious and must be eradicated before their certain and consequential tragic denouement.

Obama knows that history very well having been groomed in far leftist circles. Is that the reason why he has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to rise to power in Egypt? Is that why DNI James Clapper tried to sell us on the notion that the MB is a secular organization?

What do we know?

Syria Pretender Friends and Real Foes


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