Syria has Become Obama’s Slaughterhouse

Obama’s foreign policy chaos is rooted in conspiracies
Gunmen kill pro-Assad figure in Lebanon
Assad barbarism as described in the New York Times

The regional players in the Middle East have no choice but to uphold their interests by threatening Assad with direct military action 

Lately, the Assad regime has been using heavier and heavier weapons against civilians to include MIG jet sorties, heavy artillery, and helicopter gunships. In Azaz, last week, one missile directed at a civilian district leveled half a block and resulted in over 40 deaths mostly women and children. Over 5,000 Syrians have died during the month of Ramadan at the hands of the Assad murderous regime.

We also have seen the old self-confident Assad come out to play. This morning, prior to storming a suburb of Damascus where dozens of civilians were killed, the regime threatened the United States against any military action and warned that Syria would turn the region into turmoil if the US attacked. To underscore the Assad terror machine, a bomb exploded in Gaziantep, Turkey today, some 50Kms north of the Syrian-Turkish borders, more likely planted by Kurdish terrorists with help from Assad.  The Obama policy towards Syria has turned a local and a regional monster into an international bully as well.

If the US does not respond in one form or another overtly, these kind of statements by the regime embolden American enemies, empower the Iranian Mullahs, and re-inject fear into the Lebanese political landscape. President Obama has no choice now but to up the ante against Assad because if he does not, Syria will not only become his own private slaughterhouse under his watch but Assad will take the role of the unstoppable regional butcher. Our President can no longer learn on the job. Evil surrounds him and he still teeters for adulation like a child stumbles over too many toys.

The longer the US sits out Assad, the higher the chances of more turmoil in the region. If Obama cannot muster the courage to uphold US interests, then it is incumbent upon the regional powers to uphold theirs and to take matters into their own hands. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and the other Gulf countries have no choice but to threaten Assad directly with a military confrontation. Let’s see what Obama will do when oil prices skyrocket because of these threats and for a “talk much, do nothing” policy about Syria and Iran.

If Iran knows how to use its power, it’s time for Turkey and Saudi Arabia to learn their lessons by asserting themselves instead of playing the timid giants.


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