From Supplication to Mild Intonation

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[singlepic id=158 w=320 h=240 float=Left] It seems the Wall Street Journal is catching-up quickly to Obama’s policy towards Syria. In the Review & Outlook section, it published a brief this morning alluding to a new intonation the US State Department is using to impress Assad with. In an interview with the Washington Post last week, Amb. Feltman stated “There is a cost to the potential in our bilateral relationship to what Syria’s friends are doing in Lebanon.” As if Assad cares about any cost the US might muster with an administration full of appeasers with only Amb. Feltman fighting the war for Lebanon’s independence and Assad’s containment.

Over the last two years, many Americans who track US-Syrian politics have watched, in horror, the new policy towards Syria by this new administration based on supplication followed by a prayer. Every visitor to Damascus, dispatched by the White House or the US State Department, foresaw results and glory for his role in Damascus. Strangely enough, none, to this day, know that Assad would crumble if peace played a role in his policies. Every single one of those visitors feels betrayed by the experience to impress Assad to change course without understanding that his system is solely built on chaos and terror.

So, from supplicating Assad, we turn to mildly scolding him. Impressive indeed. We should expect another two years of mild rebukes during which Assad continues helping Iran’s nuclear program, continues to plant missiles on every crossroad in Lebanon, and continues to spread “resistance”, another form of Antisemitism, at the expense of tens of millions of people so that he and his sons survive to rule Syria to the ground for another generation. Islamic terror exists because we have the likes of Assad exist in Middle East politics. Unless we come to this reality, the Middle East will continue harboring killers, murderers, and terrorists as well as generational kegs of powder in the form of new causes ready to wreak havoc on the region and beyond.


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