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Is it possible for a supposed global security firm to circulate a report outlining an intelligence finding and at the end of the report make claims that are contrary to that finding? If you are Stratfor, yes it is.

In their latest analysis describing the shuffling by Assad of the various heads of intelligence in Syria that took place in September, Stratfor’ points out that the main reason for this shuffle was for Assad to expand Syria’s influence regionally and to contain Lebanon. The one shuffle it cites is the replacement of Maj. Gen. Ali Mamluk by Maj. Gen. Zuhair Hamad as the new head of State Security.

In the same analysis provided, Stratfor is “intrigued” by the appointment of Maj. Gen. Hamad because Iran has been pushing for him to replace Maj. gen. Mamluk who is the architect behind the Syrian-Saudi new rapprochement.

On one hand Assad has shuffled his security apparatus to contain Hezbollah and on the other hand Iran is “picking” whom Assad replaces with who.

Go figure this left-wing, progressive “intelligence” organization if you can.


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