Because of the Obama holdovers in the Trump administration, do not count on any to suggest any means to remove Iran from Syria. It was their wimpy boss, after all, who opened the gates wide for the Mullahs’ terror to continue unabated. To remove Iran from Syria, the solution is simple, stir Iranians inside the country to give rise to new moderate leadership. That should keep the Mullahs busy regrouping to protect their own turf.

It is because their own backyard is relatively revolution-free and quite safe, the Mullahs are able to look beyond to conquer lands and people using whatever violent means they can muster directly or through their proxies.

Many analysts and policy Gurus are making a variety of policy suggestions or adaptations to limit Iranian influence in Syria, but none that we read about is suggesting the total eradication of Iran in Syria the way we eradicated ISIS. Either these analysts are absorbed by the micro management of a policy or many are totally oblivious of the big picture. To remove Iran from Syria, stir Iranians inside the country.

As far as Russia is concerned, an Iranian presence in Syria represents an opportunity to extort the West for economic concessions the way Putin has been using North Korea as a template of extortion. Foreign Minister Lavrov explicitly made it clear Russia has no intention of pushing the Mullahs out of Syria:

“The goal – both inside this zone and outside it [Southern Syria] – is to ensure departure of non-Syrian military units. No one mentioned Iran or pro-Iranian forces.”

It remains the task of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel to concoct a way to force Iran out of Syria. This means President Trump has to encourage the people of Iran to remove their tormentors through a revolution the United States will support unconditionally. The call for action must be backed by a potent plan to help the Iranian people whichever way we need to without sending any troops overseas.

Unlike 2009 when Barack Obama refused to lend the Iranian people any assistance, which left leaders like John McCain only able to grant the Iranian people an award instead.

That must have tickled Obama’s fancy!

Many Iranians tell us that Ayatollahs walk down the streets surrounded by bodyguards because some have been attacked and killed.

Many tell us the people are ready to take back their country.

Only when the Mullahs regroup to defend their own backyard from the good, but oppressed, people of Iran we encouraged to stir, can we expect many of our problems to be resolved in the region with one sweeping action.

To Remove Iran from Syria, Stir Iranians Inside the Country

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