Son, Prepare Your Children for War

Why Syria is Going to Get Worse
The Future of the Alawites and the Orthodox Christians in Syria
Islamist Heat Rising Against Syria’s Alawites

Never in the modern history of Sunnism in the Arab world have so many civilians been killed so needlessly, so savagely, and so deliberately at the hands of non-Sunnis. For those who believe this Syrian civil war is restricted to a geography, re calibrate your calculations please. How long Sunni Muslims have been fighting Israel? Since its birth. How many Alawites have Noble Prizes in Sciences? Zero. They will be great watchmen but they will not be able to survive and prosper like the Israelis have.

If the Alawites of Syria do not stand-up to stop the bloodshed of the few amongst them, this is a war that will only end when the Alawites of Syria have either been disseminated, exiled, or thrown to the sea. Sunni roots are filled with bad DNA able to grow a new deformity, like al-Qaeda, at any time. It matters little how much weapons or determination the Alawites will possess because in 10, 50, or 100 years, there will be no trace of them in Syria.

The innocent Alawites of today simply do not understand what the collective power of tens of millions of Sunnis can do, with their mammal elephant memories, to avenge what the few bad apples in the Alawite community have done to the Sunni Syrian civilian community considered by the rest of the Sunnis, numbering in the hundreds of millions, to be the descendants of the Omayyad. The rational Alawites of the Haddadeen and Khayateen tribes must stop the carnage of Assad today. Their ex-leader, the late Ghazi Kanaan, would have acted to cut losses and re-engineer harmony amongst all Syrians. Where are the real leaders today?

Syrian Sunnis have been dormant for close to 50 years. They accepted the rule of Assad father because they believed in the higher purpose of Ba’athism, but when Assad son invited the Mullahs of Iran into their homes, Hezbollah terrorists to play G*d, and started showcasing the wealth he pilfered from the common people through Facebook pictures of his wife Asma wearing $5,000 shoes, many realized their sacrifices for the greater cause were naught. Many realized that Assad father was a brilliant con man but his son was a stupid con man. The peaceful uprising of March 2011 was an awakening to get rid of a con man;  it turned into a violent civil war today in order to avenge the barbarism perpetrated against innocent civilians by the stupid con man. Many civilians who are fighting have taken-up arms because of the savage killings of their loved ones at the hands of Assad.

Soon, those young men will find more wealth waging a war than creating the conditions for peace in a country almost fully destroyed and unable to support their needs. That’s when they will invite their sons and tell them: Prepare your children for war to avenge their grandmother’s death. This bloody Syrian civil war that will end when the Alawites become invisible to Syrians will go down in the western history books as the biggest blunder to nib this sectarian volcano at the bud. That lack of fortitude by the west will carry a very pricey tag and those seeking non-intervention in Syria today will become tomorrow’s authenticators and upholders of that history.

The Alawite community must find the courage to stop Baschar and Maher al-Assad to begin healing the nation. Have they not seen what organizations like al-Qaeda can do? They will have no chance to survive the onslaught because no foreign power will interfere on their behalf; not the French, having shed their Third Republic, and not the US Marines either.


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