So Obama Can Negotiate With Iran, He Turned Syrians Into Radicals

So Obama Can Negotiate With Iran, He Turned Syrians Into Radicals

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Just so Obama can negotiate a deal with the Mullahs of Iran, he turned his back on the Iranian Protest of 2009, which would have changed the Middle East landscape forever. Islamic terror started as the Iranian Mullahs rose to power in 1979 and to this day the West, the countries in the region, and the innocent civilians on both sides suffer from the rise of Khomeini to power under President Jimmy Carter. Just so Obama can negotiate with Iran, he turned peaceful Syrians into radicals.


Just as the Syrian Revolution started in March of 2011, Obama turned, once again, his back on the Syrian people just so he can negotiate with the Terror Masters in Iran (Michael Ledeen’s on-target-label of the Mullahs) a deal that would warm relations between both countries; and, we suspect, he pulled US troops from Iraq in December of 2011, in the midst of the Syrian Revolution, as part of those negotiations just as Assad began mass killings in Syria.

All those sound bites that Obama uttered on Syria, like the infamous August 18 of 2011 “Assad Must Go”, were intended only to pressure Iran. Obama did not care about helping the Iranian people or the Syrian people. All he cared about was a deal with a terror state. Had Obama and his team had more experience to understand Syria and Iran, they would have never embarked on this journey. Dennis Ross was smart to exit this theater of foolishness.

Even today, Obama, failing miserably with Iran, is still hoping that if he wins the elections, it is still possible to strike a deal with the Mullahs. That is reason one why Obama still maintains the status quo on Syria. It is also the reason he is still ordering our allies not to assist the Free Syrian Army except with small arms. Obama has not learned from his mistakes.

What a disaster this President has been to American interests. Meanwhile, the lost opportunities are lost forever. Why would the people of Iran rise again as long as Obama is in power?


The worst though is that Syria has become a hotbed for extremism today. The Muslims in Syria and the Levant in general are different than those in the Gulf where Wahabbism took root; or even from North Africa where the Muslim brotherhood began. We have lived for 2000 years with other minorities and the co-mingling of our cultures resulted in passivity and co-existence. Because of Obama’s policies, Syria is radicalizing quickly; and he has the audacity to use this radicalization as an excuse not to send arms to the Free Syrian Army.

Obama may have killed Bin Laden, but because of his naiveté, he is creating 100 more Bin Ladens.

In the meantime, he is still trying to negotiate “something” with the Iranians. It would not surprise us if Iran delivers a fake deal to him in the next two weeks just to keep someone like him in office. Remember Carter with the hostage crisis? The Iranians released them on the day Reagan was elected. But today’s Mullahs are much smarter and there is no doubt they would rather have Obama in Office than Romney.

This is why Obama must go now. He simply does not understand the world well enough to defend American interests from evil.

So Obama Can Negotiate With Iran, He Turned Syrians Into Radicals


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