Shia Terror-Backing President

Shia Terror-Backing President

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He agreed to attacks against Libya, a Sunni country.

He protected Assad, the Alawite-Shia, and ignored the atrocities committed against Sunni civilians.

He ignored the good people of Iran and acquiesced to terrorizing them.

He supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, also supported by Iran, Assad, and Hezbollah.

He ignored Hamas in its war against Israel and even tried to help them defeat the Jewish State.

He believes America is the Great Satan.

He is battling ISIS, an Assad creation, which has grown out of control and has become a clear and present threat to Iran.

He loathes PM Netanyahu, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

Are we talking about Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran?

No, we are talking about the President of the United States of America Mr. Barack Obama whose policies in the Middle East seem to back and even promote the Shia terror of Iran and Assad.

You can flip this reflective prism to any angle you wish, its light always shines upon Iran.

Would you say it is his fear of Iran or would you say it is because of his ideology and bias against America?

Whatever you believe is the correct analysis, Mr. Barack Obama is obviously the Shia terror-backing president.


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