Shia Iran Executing Sunni Assad Loyalists

Shia Iran Executing Sunni Assad Loyalists

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There are moments in any war when you know it is lost not because of battle score keeping, but because of dumb action by one side that turns the tide in favor of his opponent.

That moment is Shia Iran executing Sunni Assad loyalists for losing their battles. Honestly, this is dumb even if the purpose is to cleanse the Assad army of its Sunni troops and replace them with Iraqi and Iranian Shiite militias.

NOW Lebanon, using sources at al-Quds al-Arabi, quoted a Free Syrian Army commander:

“The regime has handed over the operations room to Iranian officers and leadership. There are still Sunni soldiers and officers bearing arms in the ranks of the regime’s army who will receive humiliating treatment during the coming period. The recent execution has caused a state of fear and terror among remaining regime troops”

The FSA commander expected “more defections and more field executions.

Shia Iran executing Sunni Assad loyalists may also be an Iranian strategy to feed ISIS through defections. The stronger ISIS gets, the more plausible Assad becomes in the eyes of his foes and haters in the West.

Americans blame Obama for his lack of a potent ISIS. Maybe the strategy should be to do everything possible for ISIS and Iran to clash on the battlefield in Syria. Why should the U.S. kill ISIS fighters that could defeat Iran, Hezbollah, and Assad if unleashed properly?

Furthermore, in response to Shia Iran executing Sunni Assad loyalists, Saudi Arabia must find a way to take advantage of this new dynamic to weaken Iranian resolve in Syria.

Syria has become occupied territories of Iran, and Assad is just a figurehead if you read how much in control Iran is. Will the West and Saudi Arabia permit Iran to change the fabric of Syria in ways that are irreversible?

Iranian cleansing Syria of all Sunnis may be its ultimate goal if Barack Obama, once again, is caught napping while Iran spreads its wings of terror.

Shia Iran Executing Sunni Assad Loyalists


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