Secretary Clinton Needs Her Own Margaret Thatcher Moment

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Secretary Hillary Clinton is pressing the security forces protecting Assad to mount a coup against Assad himself. This is a sign of desperation that diplomacy is running out of options.

Credit her for her resolve to see Assad ousted even though the diplomats surrounding her are still holding on to the belief that if they cannot find a solution, maybe “Begging” will work.

Honestly, begging tyranny!! If the US is not bowing to tyranny, it is begging it. Can the great US stoop any lower?

I do not know who the Near East advisors to Secretary Clinton are but knowing she is tougher than she looks, Secretary Clinton is in dire need for her Margaret Thatcher moment today. She needs to stand-up to her advisors and to stop listening to John Kerry first before losing her prestige to begging tyrants. She needs to relinquish diplomacy in favor of the military to save her legacy. In fact, she is on course for another “Assad is a Reformer” tragic act. That’s my advice for her.

You want Assad to fall? Order the CIA to divert some of its Pakistani or Afghani Drones to strike a missile or two on the Assad’s Palace overlooking Damascus and some of his weapon depots.

And start arming Syrians to free the country.

Nothing like the smell of gun powder to release the grey matter to your brain.


  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    The wars in the Middle East are nothing compared to the war between State and Defense.

    • And don’t forget the CIA and the DIA. The FBI and the CIA. The NSC and the DIA.. I was under the impression Homeland exists to resolved this, no?
      Insightful statement Don.

  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    Hilary Clinton has no control over any US armed forces. Nor can she give orders to the CIA. Nor does she have a stock of armaments, and I doubt if she has control over any budget that could be used to supply Syrians with arms.

    The State Department is basically a diplomatic corps. All Clinton can do is negotiate and give speeches.

    • Exactly. It’s not Hillary’s job but she is standing in the way of completing it. Ever since April 30, 2003 when Colin Powell visited Assad to attempt to engage with him after starting to kill Americans in Iraq, US State has failed at every attempt to turn Syria around. Remember the “Peel Syria from Iran” strategy State spent five precious years pursuing? State needs to quit and transfer Syria’s file to the Pentagon to deal with Assad effectively. Holding on for dear life is not very smart at this point.

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