Sadism on the Streets, Sadism in the Propaganda

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Hasta La Vista Baby

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.” — W. C. Fields

A ray of hope has enveloped us with warmth in the form of a new article titled: “The Road to Syrian Democracy” published in the Huffington Post by Sami Moubayed, the mouthpiece of Assad and one of many tools of propaganda we Syrians have been accustomed reading to gauge what Assad wants the west, not the Syrians, to believe. When Moubayed writes, Syrians usually just extract the opposite.

Now Sami is a young intelligent person. His luck has it that his intellect has been at the service of someone who has recently run out of luck and will soon be chased out of Syria. Under the circumstances, one has two choices to either quit or stay loyal. Seriously, I, for one, admire Sami for his loyalty.

This ray of hope means Syria is finally heading for democracy, under the Assads and in the form a new law drafted to allow other political organizations to co-exist with Ba’athism. Mind you, this news also comes with an email of a large inheritance forgotten by its owners in some bank in Nigeria should you be interested. Either one is as believable as the other.

We could laugh but then our people are still being butchered by Assad the neo-inheritor of Syria, and apparently a true democrat at heart; it would be too many tears rolling with the laughter to make us think how happy we should be.

It is obvious that this article is intended for the west as a sign Assad is reforming. The fact that this law has been promised by Assad Jr. for 11 years and before him his father for 30 years is of little consequences to the writer or the readers. Today, and suddenly, Assad wants the world to believe he is reforming. He cannot afford more sanctions by the Europeans or the Americans, so he is dripping his kindness upon us and deceptions upon others. Which can only mean the sanctions are working, so stack them high and keep them coming please.

There is not one ounce of reform in Assad’s blood because, as inheritor of Syria, he believes deeply that Syria is his birthright and someone is trying to deprive him of his inheritance.

Incidentally, this new draft will not even get the chance to be amended until next August, according to the author. Does he really think Assad will survive the heat of both the summer of Syria and the anger of her people? If you ask me, this is where loyalty can be blinding sometimes.


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