Russian Troops Entering the War in Syria

Russian Troops Entering the War in Syria

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Two new sites north of Syria’s Latakia airport could be preparing to receive Russian forces, specialist defense publication IHS Jane’s Intelligence Review said on Tuesday citing satellite imagery.

At the Istamo weapons storage complex and the al-Sanobar military complex “preparations appear to be under way to introduce Russian forces,” said Robert Munks, editor of the London-based publication.

“This activity includes the construction of new buildings, significant surface clearing, the grading and paving of terrain, and the presence of tents of the same type as those used by Russian military units.”

Munks also noted a “substantial increase” in Russian jets on the runway at Latakia airport in satellite imagery from Monday, saying it pointed to a “rapid build-up of Russia’s expeditionary force.”

The U.S. has been passive about Russian troops entering the war in Syria. Many suspect Barack Obama to be ecstatic about handing the Syria problem over to Putin whose ruthlessness against civilians will only make matters worse.

Munks added:

“With a significantly enhanced ground-attack capability, this represents a substantial step-change in Russia’s combat ability in Syria. Deployed Russian military aircraft now include 4 Su-30SM multirole combat aircraft, 12 Su-25 ground attack aircraft, 12 Su-24M attack fighters, and six possible Ka-52 attack helicopters.”

Secretary Kerry, only yesterday, said that Russian jets appear to be to protect own base.

AFP contributed to this article.

Russian Troops Entering the War in Syria


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