Russian Jets Bombed Syrian Civilian Makeshift Camps

Russian Jets Bombed Syrian Civilian Makeshift Camps

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Russian jets bombed Syrian civilian makeshift camps housing tens of thousands of displaced families. The attacks against several towns in rebel-held northwestern Syria represents a new flare-up of violence since a Turkish-Russian deal that halted major fighting nearly six months ago, witnesses said.

Russian Sukhoi jets, flying at high altitude, dropped bombs on the Harbanoush and Sheikh Bahr Nahr areas. Where Russia dropped its bombs, tens of thousands of civilians live under inhuman conditions.

Abdullah Sawan, a volunteer plane spotter covering the Russian air base, said:

There were over 20 raids we have monitored by Russian jets stationed in Hmeimim air base.

Russian jets this month bombed mountainous areas in Latakia against rebel forces. Civil defense witnesses said jets struck a camp for displaced people near the town of Binish in Idlib province.

Russian jets in June made the first air strikes since the deal brokered in March between Russia.

Rebels say the Syrian army and its allied militias were amassing troops on front lines.

There was no immediate comment from Moscow nor the Syrian army. Both deny any indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

On the U.S. front, President Trump is too busy attacking people on Twitter. This explains fully why Putin favored a dumb U.S. President to win in 2016 and is helping him again win four more years to fully break the country apart on his behalf.


Russia said last week the joint military patrols in Idlib, carried out along the M4 highway linking Syria’s east and west, had been suspended over increasing militant attacks in the area. Many Syrians see Russia as an occupying force the same way Poland saw Germany during WWII.

The March deal ended a Russian-backed bombing campaign that had displaced over a million Syrians in the region which borders Turkey after months of fighting that killed hundreds.

Residents also said the jet strikes coincided with heavy artillery shelling by Assad of several villages in Jabal al Zawya.

Moscow has established an illegal major presence in Syria. Its air force and military bases across the country have allowed Chemical Assad in recent years to defeat rebels who rose up against his brutal and inhuman authoritarian rule.

Russian Jets Bombed Syrian Civilian Makeshift Camps


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