RPS Statement on Kofi Annan’s Peace Plan

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Washington DC (March 27, 2012) — It was learned today that the Assad regime has accepted the 6-point peace plan proposed by ex-Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan. The plan, amongst other things, calls for a ceasefire and a 2-hour daily window to evacuate the injured.

On the surface the plan appears to be helping the civilian population for a short-term period of time. However, it is not intended to help the Syrian people, over the long-term, to be free from the Assad regime because an important part of the plan calls for a dialogue between the Syrian opposition and the Assad regime.

This is tantamount to cementing Assad as the de facto ruler for life, which can only bring more misery, more killing, and more tyranny to our people” said Farid Ghadry, President of the Reform Party of Syria. “I ask that the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian people sacrificing their lives for a better future to refute the plan and to deny Assad or his men involved in killing any part in Syria’s future.

The Syrian people will not accept any plan that would invite more deaths and tyranny. The foreign dignitaries helping to promote peace for Syria under the same regime are clueless about the Syrian street and believe they can impose their plan upon a people and their revolution. Their plan will fail miserably if the ultimate aim is to help Assad remain in power.

The Reform Party of Syria asks that all people who have suffered from the Assad regime support our position. Further, we ask that you join the fight against the regime through deeds and not just words. Everyone who stood against Assad recently will suffer if the regime stays in power. Fight with us to impose our will upon the regional and the international communities. After Kofi Anna leaves the region, our people stay behind to suffer the consequences of their unholy peace.

RPS further asks that the Syrian opposition takes a firm stand against any component of the Kofi Annan‘s plan that calls for Assad to remain in power. The Syrian people will not forgive those oppositionists, Islamists or non-Islamists, who are marching to the drum of Arab tyrants and who are directing their organizations to seek a deal with Assad. You will be judged harshly upon your return.

RPS believes it is not up to foreign governments to decide the fate of the Syrian people, especially when that fate seals their future under a violent regime. The Syrian people have been engaged in a real war against Assad and their sacrifices must not amount to more violence and more tyranny once they relinquish their arms, which is a secret condition of this plan.

The courage of the Syrian people has been a source of inspiration to all the Arabs in the region. It has caused many Arab tyrants to work stealthily against the interests of our people in the hope of suppressing our calls for freedom and democracy. Arabs must not allow their future to be dictated to by tyrants who have no interest in seeing them free and prosperous.

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