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Ma’amoun al-Homsi is a Syrian dissident with an impressive resume. He was one of two Parliament Members who questioned the validity of some of the actions of the Assad regime (The other one was Riad Seif) and paid a heavy price by getting stripped illegally of his status and imprisoned for long periods of times.

While prison breaks some people, in the case of Ma’amoun, it turned him into a tiger.

Watch this video of Ma’amoun al-Homsi entering the Arab League to strip its members of any legitimacy by calling their bluff. He attacks the League’s members verbally and accuses them of standing-by while his people are getting killed. An emotional outburst that is getting lots of attention from the Syrian street. When I watched the video two days ago, it had about 1,000 hits. Today, it has over 35,000 hits.

To add insult to injury, an exclusive story by Reuters this morning claims that two observers sent to Syria by the Arab League may quit because of the futility of their mission to stop the suffering endured by the civilians.

Video after video are streaming on YouTube of Syrians asking the observers for more support and more effective undertaking. When your hands are tied behind your back, as the Qatari and the Saudi governments have dictated, and you watch atrocities committed by a dehumanized Stalinist-style trained forces, it’s bound to force the observers to reflect.

Even the Arab League men are revolting against the Arab League policies, which is not a good sign for a League whose attention deficit in regard to the miseries of its people are becoming more and more obvious to the outside world and to those it claims to represent.

Below is a video of an observer interviewed on al-Jazeera exposing the Assad regime tactics of sending beautiful young ladies to flirt with them while claiming to help them. At one point, he indicates that even their bathrooms had video cameras watching their every moves.

It seems that some two Gulf countries and one N. African country (To remain unnamed) are starting to question privately the Qatari leadership of the Arab League. This rift does not bode well for Qatar led by two men from al-Thani family and whose own internal and vocal opposition is led by hundreds of other al-Thani family members unhappy with how the country is run.

The Arab League Mission to Syria is unsustainable to say the least and it seems it may break apart sooner than the January 19th deadline to produce a meaningless report.


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