Riad Seif Released from Prison

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[singlepic id=143 w=320 h=240 float=left]After serving his 30-months sentence, Riad Seif, a liberal-minded Syrian dissident, who challenged the Assad regime over its practice of corruption, was released today from prison.

It is very likely that Seif will abstain from any dissident activity but will be allowed to make a statement that he will continue his struggle in order to provide the impression that the Syrian Government is tolerant of dissidents. Seif has and remains a real activist and a promoter of human rights and freedom in Syria.

During Assad’s tenure as the illegal president of Syria, Seif has spent 71/2 years in prison just because, as one of two dissident members of Parliament, he was critical of the government practices, especially when it comes to licensing its cellular system to the Assad family itself (Through Rami Makhluf).

Earlier, the regime released Dr. Fida Hourani who saw her popularity rise in spite of a systematic character defamation by the Syrian intelligence. Dr. Hourani’s house is monitored 24/7.

In spite of releasing dissidents upon serving the full term of their sentence, the Assad regime has magnified its oppression of the Syrian Kurds to a point never seen before. Wives, with small children and toddlers, are imprisoned if a husband is a fugitive until he shows-up.

No country in the world dares oppress its people the way Assad does, which also explains why he chooses to be the only candidate for president selected with a “yes” or a “no” vote of comedy every seven years. He does not dare even allow another candidate to run against him, not even a clown.


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